Stranded/fronted P

postings on stranded (vs. fronted) P

ML, 10/10/03: Quoi ce-qu’elle a parlé about?:
stranded Ps in Canadian French

ML, 4/11/04: An internet pilgrim’s guide to stranded prepositions:

BP, 6/19/04: What for:
chains of stranded Ps

GP, 12/8/04: A Churchill story up with which I will no longer put:

BZ (posted by GP), 12/12/04: A misattribution no longer to be put up with:

ML, 4/25/05: Better a spectacular blunder than a hint of unseemliness:
omitting stranded P

AZ, 5/17/05: Ending with a preposition:
a stranded P cartoon

ML, 5/21/05: More on Canadian French preposition stranding:

AZ, 6/2/05: Who are you writing to?:
a stranded P cartoon

AZ, 6/21/05: The CliffsNotes version:
stranded P in the CliffsNotes grammar manual

ML, 6/29/05: If we look, simply, to the French:
French as a model for English P use

ML, 6/30/05: The French aren’t really against:
stranded Ps in (European) French

AZ, 7/4/05: That’s American:
increase in stranding as an aspect of “colloquialization”

AZ, 7/5/05: Avoidance:
including avoiding stranded P

AZ, 7/7/05: Get ’em while they’re young:
Ruth Heller on prepositions, for children

GP, 9/20/05: New Yorker search engine stark staring mad:
“I’m sorry I couldn’t find that for which you were looking.”

BZ, 11/27/05: Churchill vs. editorial nonsense:

AZ, 11/4/06: Grammar on the gay beat:
P stranding in Genre magazine

AZ, 11/23/06: Let’s meet at mine:
stranding vs. fronting

ML, 3/3/07: Why are so many linguistic corrections incorrect?:
including corrections of stranded P

AZ, 3/3/07: Self-incorrection:
“fixing” stranded prepositions

ML, 5/1/07: Hot Dryden-on-Jonson action:

ML, 5/3/07: A note of dignity or austerity:
combination of stranded and fronted P

ML, 5/4/07: Back to the future, redundant preposition department:
combination of stranded and fronted P

ML, 5/14/07: A phenomenon in which I’m starting to believe in:
combination of stranded and fronted P

GP, 5/15/07: Could preposition doubling be headed our way?:
combination of stranded and fronted P

ML, 5/19/07: Re-doubled prepositions:
combination of stranded and fronted P

ML, 8/25/07: Prepositional anxiety and Voldemort’s wand:
incorrection of stranded P

AZ, 5/10/08: Contamination:


Dryden’s Rule contaminating straded to

ML, 8/21/08: Heaping of catmummies considered harmful:

Heaping of catmummies considered harmful

mostly about split infinitives, but with a bit on stranded P

GP, 4/25/09: Room for debate on Strunk and White:

Room For Debate on Strunk and White

GP on Colin John re Burchfield’s entry on “preposition at end”

AZ, 5/6/09: Interesting sentences:

Interesting sentences

“not a good sentence with which to begin a story”

6/19/09: Grammarville:


“Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”

GP, 7/7/09: A “dumb copy editor” story from George Lakoff:

A “dumb copy editor” story from George Lakoff

Metaphors We Live By

7/7/09: Stranded P postings:
inventory of postings to this date

1/28/12: Wordless cartoons, words-only cartoons:
“postposition prepositions”

3/28/12: where … at:
obligatory stranding (among other things)

4/18/12: Who(m) to V:
stranding/fronting in combinatination with two types of to-infinitival interrogatives

5/3/12: Damn you, Dryden!:
Dryden as “the sad source of years of utterly unnecessary grammatical unhappiness”

5/12/12: Quant of whom:
cases where stranded P is unavailable

2/16/13: Cosa Nostra Grammatica:
the zombie rule against stranded P extended to a ban on stranded infinitival to

5/8/13: Brief mention: where … at:
more on where … at

7/23/13: Pied Piping Day:
fronting and Pied Piping

5/21/14: Three diverse:
cartoon #2, psychiatrist’s patient: “It’s not the voices themselves that drive me crazy, it’s the way they end their sentences with prepositions”

9/13/14: Not ending with a preposition:
cartoon on ending a sentence with “a preposition”

10/9/14: Two for Thursday:
#1 grammar police dog: “he hates it when you finish a sentence with a preposition”

GP, 9/4/15: Economist sticklers trying to bug me:

Economist sticklers trying to bug me

“Of what is the universe really made?”

8/28/16: Iatrogenic grammar sickness:
unfortunate avoidance of stranded P

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