The gay baths

Five pieces on the gay baths, with a couple pieces of commentary. Not explicitly about language, but with some observations of and about language and social interaction.

These things are a combo of fictobiography (remember the ficto- part; these pieces are crafted), hard-core gay porn, and participant-observer ethnography. Lord knows what you’d call the genre.

Almost all the names have been anonymized. “Arnold Zwicky” remains, but he’s a character in the stories and their narrator.

High Carnality Warning throughout.

Listed in the chronological order of the real-world events that served as the basis for the stories, not in the order in which they were written (the dates below are the dates on which revisions were posted on my X blog):

☛ 10/7/10: Seaside resort: Brighton 1977 stories, with gay baths in the middle

☛ 8/26/10: Nostalgia for the baths: Washington DC, early ’80s

☛ 8/30/10: The baths in a new world: San Jose, late ’80s/early ’90s, and Columbus, mid ’90s

☛ 10/3/10: Superbowl Sunday (Part I): San Jose, 1996

☛ 10/3/10: Superbowl Sunday (Part II)

☛ 10/3/10: Superbowl Sunday: notes

☛ 10/7/10: An anthropologist at the baths: San Jose, 2002:

☛ 10/7/10: Anthropologist at the baths: comments


☛ 8/24/20: A desirable body:
retelling of the Hector episode from “The baths in a new world”

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