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The joy of foreign accent

December 4, 2016

The most recent Dilbert has Dogbert proposing a foreign accent school for easing the tasks of daily life:

Not the first time someone has thought of this idea. It was a repeated joke on the Prairie Home Companion tv show.


The Indianapolis Academy of the French Accent

November 8, 2014

Just went past on the Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show on KFJC (radio from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills CA): a routine from The National Lampoon Radio Hour, “The Indianapolis Academy of the French Accent”. What to do if you have a coarse accent in English that’s holding you back in life: learn to speak with a French accent (not actually speak French, mind you, just get that suave accent). On YouTube here, in a version on the album National Lampoon Radio Hour: Best Moments, released in 2003. With: Christopher Guest, Chevy Chase, Emily Praeger, and Alice Playten.