Ann Daingerfield

Postings on Ann Daingerfield (Zwicky) and her family and connections

5/17/10: Famous first words:
including Ann’s, in a story by her father

3/28/11: Magic realism:
Ann and the artist Jack Frankfurter

5/9/11: Remembering Ann:
on the occasion of her birthday

11/24/11: Thanksgiving meals:
meals with Ann: Thanksgiving

11/24/11: Turkey improvisations:
meals with Ann: turkey Tetrazzini

12/10/11: Chicken verdicchio:
meals with Ann: Felicia’s in Boston’s North End

12/11/11: Peking on Mystic:
meals with Ann: Peking on Mystic in Medford MA

12/20/11: Parent and kid:
Keene + Ann, Ann + Elizabeth, etc.

12/22/11: Their hearts were young and gay:
Ann on the Mauretania, going to France

12/28/11: Major Foxhall Alexander Daingerfield:
with photos of Lizzie

12/30/11: Names:
Leroy Parker Daingerfield, the Jenckses

1/1/12: Ann in 1984:
The Red Mile, Castleton, the Millers, Ann Winn

1/2/12: The other Winns:
Anne Brent Winn and her family

1/4/12: Gravestones:
JKD, Keene, Algernon, Fox

1/5/12: Mother and child:
photos of Ann and baby Elizabeth

1/15/12: Fan:
Fan (Frances Lucas Daingerfield), with two JKD stories

1/15/12: Evensong:
JKD’s version of the Magnificat

1/16/12: Things she did:
on Ann

1/23/12: What she wrote:
on Ann’s publications

2/27/12: In Tours:
Bonnie (Benita Bendon Campbell) on Ann and her in Tours

2/27/12: Language shards:
bits and pieces of various languages

5/2/12: Old recipes II: Libby Daingerfield:

5/14/12: Anniversary times:
our wedding

6/18/12: Wedding day:
on the events of 6/16/62

8/15/12: Julia is 100:
(Julia Child) Ann’s notations in Beck Bertholle Child

8/16/12: Follow-up: Ann, Bonnie, and Julia:

11/13/15: Address terms in service encounters:
Keene and the Mitchells

11/14/15: Prefix + FN:
address terms: Keene and the Mitchells

11/27/15: Canned cranjellyfish:
meals with Ann: cranberry sauce, cranberry relish

12/9/16: The abacus:
Ann at the Science Teaching Center

5/9/17: Mothers:
Ann’s 80th birthday; photo of Ann and Elizabeth; birthday flowers

9/8/17: Dinners at Beaumont Rd., 1969-1973:
Ann’s notebook of notable meals for these four years

9/12/17: Three years of Xmas sweets:
Xmas confections for 1980, 1982, 1983 (the last before Ann’s death)

4/3/18: Morning name: Harry:
Harry B. Miller, Jr.

4/29/18: All the dessert world is not either pie or cake:
Ann and clafoutis

5/3/18: CAKE-PIE II:
Ann making pizza blanca in 1974

9/10/18: Through the centuries in the morning:
Ann’s Italian textbook Attraverso i Secoli

11/22/18: Giving thanks with Roz Chast:
menus for Thanksgiving dinners in 1969 and 1970

1/16/20: At the rim of the Mournful Valley, singing:
Ann’s death day

3/10/20: Double damask:
Ann and Bonnie Bendon in Princeton; Ann in Cambridge

5/18/20: The things they touched:
Ann’s perfume; her cooking

8/6/20: Cucumber soup:
recipes from Ann’s card files and her records of meals

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