12/27/08: Manecdotes and brobituaries:
the first of my postings on brocabulary

8/23/11: Isn’t it bromantic?:
cartoon with adjective bromantic

8/26/11: Bromantic lexicography:
bromance added to a dictionary

9/20/11: Dubious bromanteau:
brony = bro + pony (as in My Little Pony)

3/22/12: man-bro-guy-:

3/25/12: On the bro- watch:
brogrammer (and the bronus brotein)

3/27/12: more bro:
more bromanteaus: broga, brogrammer again

10/4/14: Bromantics: Pine and Quinto, Kirk and Spock:

3/8/15: Bromancing the Bone:
non-sexual bromance, sexual brolovers

12/12/15: Sex between straight men: bro-jobs:
and other brocabulary; bro-choice campaign (involving pro-choice bros)

1/13/16: An eruption of bromanteaus:
in Geico ads

4/12/16: On the brocabulary watch: brocialist:

4/28/16: Bad bro days:
brobrahs; douchebro

10/13/16: bromosexual:
in three senses

10/14/16: New Yorker bro-toon:
broductivity, bro-toon

1/29/17: bro-verbs:
bro down, bro it up, de-bro, bro puns and portmanteaus

2/14/17: One more VDay posting:
bro-jobs / BroJobs

3/11/17: Dinobros:
Dinosaur Comics on BROS OF HISTORY: bro-substitutions and bromanteaus

3/27/17: JoBroButts, Hills Bros. coffee, and gaybros:

7/19/17: On offer at Daily Jocks:
SUP BRO t-shirts; bro in Australia

12/28/17: Bromance for Biffs:

3/15/18: MerBros and more
MerBros and their brocabulary

3/30/18: Deviant Passover rites:

5/22/18: brotastic:

6/4/18: Bromuniqués:
uses of bro as independent word, especially in compounds

11/17/19: Shoe-high pie:
uses of bro, especially “good bro“; bro-tales; brotee ‘bro-goatee’

3/1/20: Guy gear:
brosociation, connotative association to masculinity

5/21/20: Bro Buddies:

9/1/20: The brokini: