Bromancing the Bone

My current favorite gay porn title of the outrageous pun variety: Romancing the Stone > Bromancing the Bone. We start with the portmanteau noun bromance. From Wikipedia:

A bromance is a close, emotionally-intense, non-sexual bond between two (or more) men. It is an exceptionally tight affectional, homosocial male bonding relationship that exceeds that of usual friendship

This can then be verbed and (separately) sexualized, to refer to what are sometimes called brolovers (there’s a brolovers site on tumblr, which has sexy images, many with a definitely romantic cast to them, as below).

That gets us to bromancing. Then the object bone, slang for an (erect) penis, which echoes the stone of the title Romancing the Stone and throws in some alliteration as well.

The various “bromancing the bone” sites are all over the map. Some are about batebuds, buddies in masturbation — either jacking off together or jacking each other off. Some are about buddies in fellatio. Some are about buddies in anal intercourse; the commercial gay porn Bromancing the Bone DVDs seem to be “amateur” anally oriented videos; amateur videos feature non-professional actors presented as straight guys having sex with one another — not a genre I’m at all fond of.

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