Frazz cartoons

by Jef Mallett

BZ, 4/20/06: Heated words about “sauna”:

ML, 11/18/06: Mrs. Olsen gets a D:

ML, 12/9/06: Linguistic cartoon update:

AZ, 12/4/08: Nothing good comes from adverbs:

Nothing good comes from adverbs

ML, 6/12/11: Penultimate:


ML, 2/14/12: Valentine’s Day anti-labiality:

Valentine’s Day anti-labiality

BZ, 1/13/13: Snow words in the comics:

Snow words in the comics

ML, 1/16/13: Portmanteau of the month:

Portmanteau of the month

AZBlog, 2/12/13: Valentimes Day:

Valentime’s Day

ML, 4/12/13: Attachment ambiguity in “Frazz”:

Attachment ambiguity in “Frazz”

ML, 4/21/13: Phrasal type shifting:

Phrasal type shifting

AZBlog, 4/24/13: Dialect time in the comics:

Dialect time in the comics

AZBlog, 6/12/13: Osteoarthritic portmanteau:

Osteoarthritic portmanteau

with information about the strip

VM, 9/5/13: Not … until just now:

Not… until just now

ML, 10/27/13: Prospective aspect:

Prospective aspect

ML, 11/19/14: A tiny, delicate thesaurus:

A tiny, delicate thesaurus

ML, 11/22/14: Context:


AZBlog, 12/18/14: Frazzbiguity:

AZBlog, 12/26/14: The Xmas run:

ML, 3/22/15: Vowels and consonants:

Vowels and consonants

AZBlog, 3/23/15: The end of March:

ML, 7/10/15: Past tense troubles:

Past tense troubles

ML, 3/19/16: A sentence is the subject is what’s happening:

A sentence is the subject is what’s happening

ML, 3/26/16: Good question:

Good question

ML, 5/6/16: Phonology in the comics:

Phonology in the comics

5/31/16: Immoral Day 2016 and gay military porn:

3/14/17: Pop, ejaculated the weasel:

3/15/17: Quotative all lives!:

ML. 6/23/17: Another use for final rises:

Another use for final rises

ML, 6/27/17: Discourse analysis:

Discourse analysis

6/20/19: Two comics explained:
2 Frazz cartoons: #1, #5

6/9/20: Higashi Day cartoon 3: sentence-initial anymore:

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