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Mother Goose and Grimm (by Mike Peters)


BZ, 6/23/06: Everybody’s going meta:

ML, 12/2/06: Class consciousness:

8/28/12: Fishy card games:

Fishy card games

9/16/12: Cartoon diagramming:

Cartoon diagramming

9/22/12: Tongue twisters:

Tongue twisters

10/20/12: Mistaken identity:

Mistaken identity

3/30/13: On the complex pun watch:

On the complex pun watch

5/31/13: Transposed proverbs:

Transposed proverbs

6/26/13: Idiomatic meta-strips:

Idiomatic meta-strips


7/6/13: Saturday comics:

Saturday comics


7/18/13: Taking idioms seriously:

Taking idioms seriously

7/25/13: Yoda again:

Yoda again

8/3/13: Saturday funnies:

Saturday funnies


8/4/13: Speech bubbles:

Speech bubbles

8/7/13: Two punny moments:

Two punny moments


8/8/13: Symbols at ease:

Symbols at ease

8/10/13: Chef’s salad:

Chef’s salad

11/19/13: Cross-comic allusions:

Cross-comic allusions

11/25/13: The Monday pun:

The Monday pun

1/24/14: Friday cartoons:

Friday cartoons


2/11/14: Flamenco:


2/15/14: Allusive pun:

Allusive pun

2/20/14: Another allusive pun:

Another allusive pun

2/22/14: Yet another pun:

Yet another pun

2/22/14: Cultural allusions in the comics:

Cultural allusions in the comics

3/3/14: The Monday morning pun:

The Monday morning pun

3/31/14: Monday quartet:

Monday quartet


4/6/14: Cheap pun:

Cheap pun

4/12/14: Spiders and flies:

Spiders and flies

4/18/14: Three for today:

Three for today


4/20/14: Three for the day:

Three for the day (Easter)


5/11/14: Three on Mothers Day:

Three on Mothers Day


5/26/14: Three for Memorial Day:

Three for Memorial Day


6/5/14: Four for the Fourth:

Four for the fourth


6/15/14: Fathers Day five:

Fathers Day Five


7/1/14: Anemone pun:

Anemone pun

7/19/14: Saturday monster puns:

Saturday monster puns


9/6/14: Three Saturday cartoons:

Three Saturday cartoons


9/13/14: Not ending with a preposition:

Not ending with a preposition

10/12/14: The Abdominal Snowman:

The Abdominal Snowman

12/3/14: “just happy to see me”:

“just happy to see me”

12/12/14: Kicked in the mascot:

Kicked in the mascot

12/19/14: Ambiguous sign:

Ambiguous sign

12/31/14: No problem:

No problem

1/25/15: What would you do?:

What would you do?

1/30/15: Another cross-comic allusion:

Another cross-comic allusion

allusion to Pearls Before Swine

3/2/15: Since 1895:

Since 1895

4/28/15: Grimmy rides with Snoopy:

Grimmy rides with Snoopy

5/5/15: Roly(-)Polies:


5/19/15: Ten-foot …:

Ten-foot …

5/21/15: The literalist:

The literalist

5/23/15: But wait!:

But wait!

6/13/15: Obscenicons:


6/17/15: Two linguistics comics:

Two linguistic comics


7/10/15: Dysfunction:


7/30/15: Name play in the comics:

Name play in the comics


8/5/15: Language cartoon Wednesday:

Language cartoon Wednesday


8/24/15: What a hoot!:

What a hoot!

9/12/15: Cartoon adventures in lexical semantics:

Cartoon adventures in lexical semantics


9/13/15: Ten language-y comics:

Ten language-y comics


11/6/15: Dick Tracy visits Mother Goose:

Dick Tracy visits Mother Goose

11/22/15: Self-awareness:


11/25/15: You’re done:

You’re done

11/30/15: Monster Mash:

Monster Mash

12/26/15: The sounds don’t quite match:

The sounds don’t quite match


12/30/15: Five cartoons for the penultimate day:

Five cartoons for the penultimate day


1/1/16: Two for New Year’s Day:

Two for New Year’s Day


1/4/16: For Sainte Geneviève, who saved Paris from the Huns:

For Sainte Geneviève, who saved Paris from the Huns


1/17/16: Snowclone to the rescue:

Snowclone to the rescue

1/22/16: The toy poodle:

The toy poodle

2/13/16: Word play for the weekend:

Word play for the weekend


2/24/16: The dog ate my book:

The dog ate my book

3/17/16: Two Thursday cartoons:

Two Thursday cartoons


5/17/16: Pebbles:


6/16/16: Two Thursday cartoons:

Two Thursday cartoons


6/26/16: Levels of taboo language:

Levels of taboo language

7/9/16: Two cat cartoons:

Two cat cartoons


7/11/16: Word play for 7-11:

Word play for 7-11


8/9/16: the Ving N

the Ving N

8/25/16: Ya gotto know the territory:

Ya gotta know the territory

9/9/16: Feet in footage, pawns at the pawnshop:

Feet in footage, pawns at the pawnshop


10/5/16: Unfetching cats:

Unfetching cats

10/14/16: Pun days:

Pun days

11/8/16: In a penguin suit:

In a penguin suit

12/12/16: Language Sunday in the comics:

Language Sunday in the comics


1/29/17: POP + pun:

POP + Pun

3/10/17: Friday cartoon 2: Remembrance of Mustard Past:

Friday cartoon 2: Remembrance of Mustard Past

4/3/17: The Dominican brand copier:

The Dominican brand copier

4/14/17: A cross-comic moment:

A cross-comic moment

4/24/17: Alien signage and Arbus in Anaheim:

Alien signage and Arbus in Anaheim

5/1/17: Rabit, rabit, rabbit: three cartoons for the 1st:

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit: three cartoons for the 1st


5/13/17: missing it:

missing it

5/27/17: Memorial Saturday 4:

Memorial Saturday 4


6/4/17: Detached bodyparts in the comics:

Detached bodyparts in the comics


6/20/17: The terrible truth about bubble wrap:

The terrible truth about bubble wrap


7/9/17: Fixing things:

Fixing things

7/24/17: No moths, no squirrels, no rats:

No moths, no squirrels, no rats

cartoon in this comment

8/20/17: cut the bill in half:

cut the bill in half

8/25/17: Speaking, writing, bubbles:

Speaking, writing, bubbles

10/2/17: Adventures in cross-comicality:

Adventures in cross-comicality

10/6/17: Noodling with formulaic expressions:

Noodling with formulaic language

10/13/17: Wrinkle cream:

Wrinkle cream

11/19/17: More cartoon comprehension:

More cartoon comprehension

2/21/18: An Oscars-night groaner:

An Oscars-night groaner

3/1/18: Call me by your name:

Call me by your name

3/14/18: The Waldo watch:

The Waldo watch

3/24/18: Three Saturday lingtoons:

Three Saturday lingtoons


5/14/18: Psychiatrist Meme Day:

Psychiatrist Meme Day


8/4/18: Cultural knowledge:

8/17/18: The crystal ball of cartoon understanding:

The crystal ball of cartoon understanding

9/15/19: Avocado Chronicles: 4 avotoast:

Avocado Chronicles: 4 avotoast

12/1/19: Three comic rabbits for December:

Three comic rabbits for December

12/7/19: The signs of speechlessness:

The signs of speechlessness

1/13/20: Just one peanut:

Just one peanut


1/26/20: Predicative / locational:

Predicative / locational

12/29/20: Once more with the mice:

Once more with the mice

1/14/21: A carnival of omission:

A carnival of omission

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