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9/14/11: The news for penises:
section 4: report on a study finding that gay men with below-average penises were more likely to serve as bottoms, those with above-average penises were more likely to serve as tops, and those with average penises tended to identify as versatile

1/12/13: A matter of size:
on the range of penis size; Ken Ryker

1/14/13: A matter of size II: The sale:
on the language of penis size

2/26/13: Kristen Bjorn:
Bjorn’s gay porn flick Carnaval in Rio, with one scene featuring Caio Amaral and his 14″ uncut cock

4/5/15: Big and small:
a side-by-side comparison of cocks

4/5/15: Compare:
a whole set of side-by-side comparisons

12/19/15: Obviously Lumber:
AnatoMAX pouch for well-endowed men; size queens

1/16/16: Penis size in the steam room:

1/26/16: Huge News For Men!:
Penuma silicone penis implant; perceptions of penis size

1/29/16: aussieBum, Shearing the Rams, and Slim Dusty:
aussieBum Wonderjock underwear: push-up for men, providing huge pouches

2/9/16: Morning names: wiles, Wiles:
pornstar Kevin Wiles as big-dicked ubercocksucker and uberbottom; cock size as a determinant of roles in man-man sex

2/12/16: Liam Riley, power bottom twink:
Liam Riley’s 6.5-inch dick (on a slight frame); Dillon Rossi’s long and thick dick

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom:
uberbottom pornstar Atkins with a 6-inch dick (with a small body); his opinions about dick size in his lovers

7/30/16: Extraction and insertion:
famously large pornstar Rocco Steele
Rocco Steele’s famous tool:
3 photos of his cock

8/23/16: More on the David:
on David‘s small penis; factors contributing to small dicks

1/19/17: Meaty matters:
“It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion”

1/21/17: Annals of double entendre:
“It’s not how long you make it, it’s how you make it long”

2/23/17: Beautiful immortal:
pride in a big penis

9/1/17: BBC for Labor Day:
big black cocks

10/13/17: Swords up on Friday the 13th:
Friday the 13th Jason with enormous cock

2/14/18: Days of sensual pleasure:
bottom Beau Reed and his 6.5-inch cock

2/17/18: Caio Amaral’s 14 inches:

2/18/18: Putting the carnal in Carnival:
more on Caio Amaral’s 14 inches

8/23/18: Dong Goodwin:
Long Dong Silver

12/1/18: Bobby Pyron:
Lee Ryder’s famously big dick

3/10/19: News for penises, French Riviera edition:
the Apollo of Nice (in marble) and penis reduction

1/27/20: Humongous fucks Adonis:
Rick “Humongous” Donovan; Brian Hawks’s pornstar dick; Matt Ramsey / Peter North’s large but more normal dick

1/28/20: Humongous tops Adonis:
regular blog version of the previous

2/12/20: Big dicks, sex roses, and Angel Rock:
Falcon big-dick compendium; Tate Ryder; Angel Rock

2/13/20: Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day:
Angel Rock and his Big Fucking Dick

2/16/20: News for big penises: well, it seemed like a good idea at the time:
ad for the studio Bareback Cum Pigs’s That Secret We Kept; big fat dicks

2/17/20: Preference labels and little pockets:
range of actual dick sizes; advertising 7, 8, and 9 inches; PSD (Porn Standard Dick) of 7 inches, PWD (Porn World-Class Dick) of 9 inches, RM (Ripley Marvel) longer than that

2/18/20: Saluting the presidents:
length and thickness; three pornstars; disembodied and characterless big dicks

2/20/20: love nest:
Damien Crosse’s 8.5-inch dick

3/25/20: Three men:
short but thick penises: Seth Fornea, Hayden Clark

5/29/20: Masturbation May finale: the naked brownies:
Josh Rider’s 9-inch PWD

7/1/20: A hose in your pocket:
average (right-sized) penises, small ones, large ones; labels for sizes

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