Penguin postings

This inventory of postings is reasonably complete only from mid-2011.

LLog, AZ, 2/17/07: Spheniscid-American? Polar American?:

LLog, AZ, 7/22/08: Ar©tic:


Arctic Circle cartoon

6/22/11, It doesn’t always stay in Vegas:
a Michael Shaw penguin cartoon

12/14/11, Recognition:
a Shannon Wheeler penguin cartoon

1/23/12, When penguins fly:
Adélie penguins leaping in the air

1/23/12, Happy Penguin Awareness Day:
a captioning

2/4/12, Are penguins amphibians?:

2/13/12, Valenpenguins:
King penguins for Valentine’s Day

2/19/12, Head on a bed of penguins:
home-made postcard

3/4/12, The news for penguins:
the claymation tv series Pingu; a 1937 animated cartoon “Peeping Penguins” by Dave and Max Fleisher

4/21/12, Big roadside attractions:
including the giant Tasmanian Penguin

4/26/12, Penguin cats:
cat-penguin composites

5/1/12, This week’s best job title:
job title Penguin of Awesome; stuffed Rockhopper penguin and real ones

5/13/12, The penguin chronicles:
an American Scientist cartoon by Leighton; two captionings

5/14/12, Dirty bird research:
on penguin pooh

5/29/12, The construction worker and the penguins:
penguins in construction workers’ hand signals

6/18/12, The sexual depravity of penguins:
Scott of the Antarctic on the Adélie penguin’s sex life

6/28/12, Adam and Pingu in the Garden of Eden:
Creation Museum

7/20/12, Opera news for penguins:
penguin in an opera

8/7/12, Comic machines:
Storm Petersen cartoon character Ping

4/14/13, The news for penguins:
penguin cookies; King penguin postcard; photo by Sebastião Salgado of South Georgia Island

3/12/13, The first swallow:
penguin cartoon from a Belgian newspaper

4/17/13, Penguins and tuxedos:
7 cartoons — a Bizarro with penguins in t-shirts and open-necked shirts instead of tuxedos; a Carol Stokes cartoon on the Emperor’s new clothes; a Rob Cottingham cartoon on Linux; a Phil Selby cartoon with a foul-mouthed penguin; a Savage Chickens on the Last Supper; a Rob Middleton cartoon showing a penguin with Sigmund Freud; a Randy Glasbergen cartoon showing a penguin in the executive office

4/20/13, Liz Climo:
#4 with a penguin

5/14/13, Blame Someone Else Day:
with a penguin cartoon

5/23/13, News on the edible penguin front:
penguin cookies

6/2/13, Penguin cartoon:
a Rhymes With Orange showing a penguin that is not a flight risk

6/12/13, Penguin cartoons:
Tundra cartoon; Breathed’s cartoon penguin Opus; links to penguin cartoons on LLog and AZBlog, including a 2/17/07 cartoon no longer available on LLC

8/5/13, Another Tundra penguin, still flightless:
Tundra cartoon

8/10/13, Not your grandfather’s Sears catalogue:
penguin pouch for men

8/12/13, London Zoo animals:
penguin poster

8/14/13, Odds and ends 8/14/13:
old penguin in Gloucestershire

9/25/13, Penguins and cartoon porn:
penguin mug

10/17/13, lose X:
Pearls Before Swine with penguins

11/25/13, Penguin food:
edible penguin composition

12/3/13, Three penguin notes:
a Pearls Before Swine, a wall poster, and a pop album

12/9/13, This week’s penguin links:
penguin graphic, with links to penguin videos

12/19/13, Santa penguins:
penguins on parade in South Korea in Santa suits

1/20/14, Today’s celebrations:
Penguin Appreciation Day; Sandra Boynton penguin

1/30/14, Penguin New Year:
Chinese New Year penguins

3/7/14, The news for penguins:
sweaters for penguins

9/1/14, The ice-bucket challenge:
Shannon Wheeler cartoon

9/8/14, Birthday presents:
a blue penguin drawing

10/8/14, Penguin Book cartoon:
Sebastien Millon cartoon

11/2/14, A Xmas penguin and Jane Austen:
penguin and polar bear

11/3/14, The news for penguins:
Penguins in sweaters; a giant penguin; ascent of Fred Astaire from penguins; sticker for traveling to Antarctica

11/24/14, fairy X:
Little penguin (aka Fairy penguin, Little blue penguin, Blue penguin)

12/14/14, A perching penguin for Xmas:
cartoon penguin for Xmas

12/18/14, Two more penguin postings:
New Zealand Yellow-Eyed penguins; African penguins

1/1/15, Driving your penguin into the new year:
Penguin Drive-In in Charlotte NC

1/8/15, Penguin chill:
Emperor penguins

1/22/15, Know your penguins:
Penguin Awareness Day: poster of penguin species

2/9/15, Flightless no more:
Bizarro penguin cartoon

2/14/15, A forest of symbols in a time of love:
penguin Valentine’s card

2/20/15, The penguin of happiness:
penguin sweatshirt

2/22/15, Emulate the penguin:
safety tip: walk like a penguin

3/3/15, News for penguins: the ice age:
refuge on the Ross Sea

3/24/15, UberPenguins:
on uber humor

3/26/15, Marine mammals:
#6: New Yorker cartoon

4/11/15, The devouring penguin:

5/4/15, Bad date:

5/7/15, Science and myth:
#2: New Yorker cartoon

5/25/15, Two political cartoonists:
Pat Oliphant’s cartoon penguin Puck

6/7/15: Join in their penguin games:
the game Pengoloo

10/7/15: Two recurrent themes:
penguins in the paintings / cartoons of Greg Stones

10/13/15: Yoda on active and passive clauses:
penguin backgrounds for meme compositions

10/23/15: Airport penguin:
penguin art installation at the Atlanta airport

10/28/15: Wednesday news for penguins:
penguin products: measuring spoons, giant stauffed penguin

12/2/15: The news for endangered penguins:
salvage program for African penguins

12/26/15: From sadistic she-penguin convicts to wolves invading Britain:
Janet Perlman penguin books and animations

1/30/16: Freezing eggs?:
Hankin penguin cartoon in the New Yorker

2/27/16: Saturday news for penguins:
penguin research project; penguin cartoon (in German)

3/5/16: Cartoon evolution:
#2 Arctic Circle cartoon

3/12/16: Independent penguins:
3 stories from The Independent

4/26/16: Perry Bible Fellowship:
#2 penguin cartoon

6/9/16: Tom Toro:
#4 penguin cartoon

6/14/16: Most unusual ties:
#1 penguin tie

8/15/16: Gross and flying penguins, Barsotti and flying squirrels:

8/28/16: The Penguin of Revenge:

9/1/16: Penguin Pride:

10/1/16: Penguin irises:

10/21/16: Pingu watches over the gay boys:

10/21/16: Play with your penguin:
Penguin-Opoly game

10/22/16: SuperCamp penguins:
2 penguin collages (not X-rated)

10/23/16: Last of the Collageguins:
last penguin collages

10/26/16: Wednesday odds and ends:
penguin texty

11/5/16: Patio, with plants and penguine:

11/8/16: In a penguin suit:
Mother Goose and Grimm

12/6/16: Penguins among the asparagus:

12/15/16: Penguins a hundred years ago, and the niceties of captioning:

1/5/17: The carniguin:
carnivorous penguin silliness

1/11/17: Characters:

2/15/17: The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises:
penguin cupcake, Antarctica

4/10/17: Uneasy lies the head:
… that wears the penguin: Michael Maslin cartoon

4/25/17: There’s always room for one more penguin:
2 illustrations in Buller’s A History of the Birds of New Zealand

5/11/17: Nudist penguins on parade:
Bizarro cartoon

9/6/17: Birthday notes:
pink stuffed penguin

10/21/17: Household gifts:
penguin tea towel; movie March of the Penguins:

11/19/17: Three news bulletins for penguins:
marzipan penguins; spinning penguin cake; the penguin Grape-kun and the cutout Hululu

11/21/17: Pengaddendum: Xmas 2014:
Monty and Mabel the penguins in a John Lewis Xmas commercial

11/30/17: Two memic moments:
Zits cartoon with penguins

12/25/17: Xmas news for penguins:
giant prehistoric penguin; Vera Bradley items in Playful Penguins Gray pattern; Munsingwear Penguin products

12/31/17: News for penguins, penises, and Totoro:
Haruki Nakamura toy paper animals; penguin sculptures at Museum Kampa in Prague

2/1/17: The penguins are coming, the penguins are coming:
the coming of the penguinocalypse

2/24/18: News for penguins: yakking it up, chasing bubbles:
noisy Magellanic penguins, bubble machines entertaining zoo penguins

3/5/18: The penguins fly to Orlando:
Penguin plane for Southwest Airline

3/20/18: A bread maker, alan?:
greeting card

4/18/18: Cartoons on SF earthquake day:
#2 penguin tuxedo meme

4/26/18: World Penguin Day:
April 25th

6/5/18: We are everywhere, and we have penguins:
2018 Pride in Antarctica

7/5/18: The multi-speed rainbow buttlight penguin (in blue):

7/25/18: At Boulders Beach:
African penguins

8/21/18: News flash for penguins: up in the air!:
Snopes debunking of story about penguins falling over backwards from looking at airplanes

8/23/18: “The hell is that guy doing?: predator-truncated QuEx:
#4 Jake Thompson penguin cartoon

12/17/18: Penguins and packages:
#1 Nicky Boehme Victorian Xmas print with cute penguins

12/22/18: For the season: from fish to moose, penguin intervention:
#2 malevolent penguin from Nick Parks’s The Wrong Trousers

12/26/18: Four presents:
penguin planter in #1, penguin cartoon in #6

12/27/18: Penguin Claus:
proposal for a penguin Santa; Stamaty penguin cartoon; five species of penguins

1/20/19: Know your Prideful polarites:
distinguishing penguins from polar bears

1/20/19: Stay ware!:
Boynton cartoon for Penguin Awareness Day

1/20/19: One more January 20th penguin:
Percy the penguin, mascot for the Canadian banking company CIBC

1/23/19: The dog who would be penguin:
Snoopy in penguin guise

1/23/19: Penguin bearing wild strawberries:
ceramic penguin

2/21/19: For gay penguins, science, and Canada!:
#9, #10

3/8/19: Vasodilation:
children’s book Mr. Popper’s Penguins

4/18/19: Le Pingouin aux Parapluies Rose:
Umbro the ceramic penguin, a cartoon penguin

4/25/19: Boynton penguin days:
Sandra Boynton’s 2019 World Penguin Day cartoon; and others

5/3/19: Fill me with chocolate cream:
McVitie’s Penguin biscuit bars

5/15/19: News for penguins: the misread petrel:
emperor penguin chicks, Adélie penguin confront a petrel

5/25/19: Brenda the Civil Disobience Penguin:
Guardian Australia cartoon

6/5/19: Pride month in Antarctica:
Christian Talbot SHARKS cartoon with a penguin same-sex wedding

6/28/19: Some of us are gay:
gay penguins in the London Zoo

7/11/19: Three Pride moments:
rainbow penguins of various sorts

7/14/19: Avocado Chronicles: 3 the chemical formula:
#3 texty with penguins

7/21/19: Penguins at the sushi bar:
Little Blue penguins in Wellington NZ

8/23/19: Penguins meet and greet:
mosaic penguin figures in the style of Gaudí

8/24/19: News for penguins: cache and carry:
penguin-shaped container for storing eggs

9/8/19: Greetings:
sexy penguin tanktop

10/6/19: Penguin aerodynamics:
penguin birthday socks

10/15/19: Sharing your penguin:
Economist story about leopard seals preying on penguins

12/4/19: NO PENGUINS:
penguin ‘sagging/saggy pants; someone wearing such pants’; penguin dance from the movie Mary Poppins

1/3/20: The penguinocalypse:
fearsomely toothed penguin

4/16/20: Quick shot: the SGT penguin doodle:
two artful penguin doodles

4/25/20: The rainbow penguin of regard:
AMZ penguin drawing

4/27/20: News for penguins: hop on lovepop:
penguin greeting card

5/25/20: Pandemic gifts:
king penguin face mask

7/19/20: Birdlnd:
exhibition of clay penguins

7/26/20: Who were those masked penguins?:
rainbow penguin face masks (and other rainbow penguins)

7/28/20: gentoo:
gentoo penguins

9/5/20: More for the birds:
bird feeder in the shape of a penguin

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