Non Sequitur cartoons

ML, 4/22/10: Hypothesis-driven research:

ML, 8/11/10: Irreproducible results:

ML, 4/8/11: Morphophonetic aesthetics:

ML, 10/6/11: Strunk and Ptah:

AZBlog, 7/24/13: The fourth wall:

ML, 5/24/14: Tilting at hashtags:

ML, 3/30/15: The evolutionary psychology of editing:

ML, 1/15/16: The first rule of political discourse:

ML, 4/28/16: “I think ___”: I think

ML, 4/17/17: English orthography is fake news:

5/20/17: Squid Pro Quo:

ML, 7/6/17: Swearing in:

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