EDM (exceptional degree marking) in English

Exceptional degree markers: A puzzle in internal and external syntax, OSU WPL 47.111-23 (1995)

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ODM (ordinary degree marking) vs. EDM (exceptional degree marking)

Just how interesting a construction is this? Explorations in the matching of internal and external syntax (very detailed handout for a Stanford Syntax Workshop, 12 March 2002)

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section U on adajectival expressions in English, of subtypes O (“ordinary”) and X (“extraordinary” or “exceptional”)

AZ, 7/22/07: One will get you four more:
four phenomena involving of, including (type B), with superlatives, as in: one of the most hazardous (of) medical episodes: two different constructions, with somewhat different meanings, but both standard

9/12/09: various of:
pronominal various; with material posted to ADS-L in 8/09

10/20/09: WOO: The War On Of:

WOO: The War On Of

including Garner on “intrusive” or “superfluous” of in EDM

1/28/10: EDM/ODM and grade marking:

EDM/ODM and grade marking

Ordinarily a degree modifier, like very, combines with an Adj head, like happy, to yield an expression with pretty much the distribution of the Adj on its own: you can think of very happy as an “expansion” of happy. This is ODM.
But a few degree modifiers work differently: they combine with a nominal expression with the indefinite article a(n), to yield a full NP: too/how big a dog. The result is a contrast between ODM a very big dog and EDM too big a dog.
… the degree modifier more can, in some circumstances, go either way [but inflectional comparatives occur only in ODM]

12/2/10: +of EDM in the comics:

+of EDM in the comics

in Zippy, with notes on the history and sociolinguistic status of +of EDM

9/20/11: +of EDM on the march:

+of EDM on the march

extensions of +of EDM:
of EDM with PL rather than SG head N
+of EDM with head Ns other than Count SGs: PL and Mass
EDM with comparative Adj: both –of and +of
EDM with ordinary degree modifiers (usually under negation)
EDM syntax with no degree modifier, but with not
as hell of a, with hell treated as an Adj
a Adj of a N

2/27/12: Ben Cohen:

Ben Cohen

+of EDM almost entirely an American thing; but now British exx.?

4/12/12: Innovative EDM:

Innovative EDM

not that good a looking guys ‘guys who are not that good-looking’, with three non-standard features: EDM with PL head; a + PL; splitting up of good-looking by the a

ML, 8/30/12: As ADJ of NP as:
+of EDM (“of-insertion”) with as

1/4/15: so few of a words:

1/23/16: Fun with EDM:

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom:
any size of a dick

8/29/18: EDM +of +a :PL:
how good of a friends

12/10/18: A vernacular construction?:
historical how old of a cat