postings on the word-formation scheme: Mod + Head > Mod ‘Mod + Head’, especially Adj + N > Adj ‘Adj + N’ (nouning by truncation), N1 + N2 > N1 ‘N1 + N2’

1/6/10: Conversion by truncation:

Conversion by truncation

with greenhouse ‘greenhouse gases’ N
and some Adj examples: experimental / social / clinical [psychology] plus (from various sources): fatal ‘fatal accident, (driving) fatality’; 
creative, in several senses, including ‘creative person’; 
social ‘Social Security number’; 
social ‘social networking’; 
Indian ‘Indian restaurant’; 
viral ‘viral video’; 
physical/mental ‘physical/mental work’; 
attending ‘attending physician’ [in the OED as of June 2009]

BZ, 7/31/10: Lou Gehrig’s crash blossom:

Lou Gehrig’s crash blossom

X’s for X’s disease: Lou Gehrig’s and Hodgkin’s (for Hodgkin’s lymphoma), Alzheimer’s (for Alzheimer’s disease), Parkinson’s (for Parkinson’s disease), Asperger’s (for Asperger’s syndrome) and — in the UK at least — Down’s (for Down’s syndrome)

8/9/10: Data points: nouning, zero plurals 8/9/10:

Data points: nouning, zero plurals 8/9/10

inflatable ‘inflatable figure/doll’ Adj, background ‘background actor/player’ N

2/28/11: Seltzer aperient:
aperient [medicine, article of diet] from aperient ‘opening the bowels, laxative’

6/9/11: Forensics:
forensic ‘forensic science department, laboratory, etc.’; epistolary [novel]

6/19/11: Doing a solid:
solid ‘favor’, possibly from solid dope / hash / etc.; solid [pipe] (vs. hollow pipe);
solid [information] ‘straight dope’

9/12/12: micropolitans:
micropolitan [area], metropolitan [area]

11/2/12: Who’s your primary?:

Who’s your primary?

primary ‘primary care physician’:

11/27/12: Truncated lame duck:

Truncated lame duck

lame duck for ‘lame duck Congress/session’

12/15/12: The masochism spectrum:
anal [sex] (similarly oral)

12/15/12: Language play log:
“I love oral, but I don’t do anal”

4/6/13: husband:


husband ‘husband pillow’

4/13/13: Manliness and money:
Zippy: maple glazed [doughnut]

5/1/13: penultimate:
ultimate [Frisbee]

6/1/14: May-June turnover:
#2: chewables ‘chewable vitamins’ (note that remnant inherits plurality from the source)

6/2/14: Coping with the new:
N ten-k / ten-kilometer [race]

8/26/14: More cheese, and conversion by truncation:
scrambled [eggs] Adj, chihuahua / Chihuahua [cheese] N: At a hotel in Chicago recently, at the breakfast buffet, they were serving some dish with egg, meat, and cheese, with a little sign saying “Scrambled with chorizo sausage and chihuahua.”

9/2/14: Let’s get Mexican:
Rhymes With Orange: “Let’s get Mexican”; plus an Andy Singer cartoon, an Amity Motor Inn quote, and “Italian for dinner”

9/7/14: geosocial:
geosocial [networking]

2/9/15: Hash brown built in:
hash browns ‘hash brown potatoes’ (note: remnant inherits plurality from the source)

4/2/15: Truncation notes:
graveyard ‘graveyard shift’ and barking ‘barking mad’ Deg (remnant of Deg + Adj)

4/7/15: Specialists in international:
international ‘international mail/shipping/delivery’

7/17/15: beat a urine:
urine ‘urine test’ N

12/3/17: Off with their heads!:
about beheading, with previously unblogged examples

1/10/18: Puns and metatheses:
town hall ‘town hall meeting’

1/12/18: STIR FRYS:
French fries, home fries as beheadings

5/16/18: There oughta be a word:
Chinese ‘Chinese food’

7/17/18: Avoid needless menu words:
Swiss ‘Swiss cheese’; ham and Swiss ‘ham and Swiss sandwich’; in a comment, ranch ‘ranch dressing’

7/20/18: Beheaded pizza:
pepperoni ‘pepperoni pizza’ and deep-dish ‘deep-dish pizza’

10/31/18: A reading:
from 0 to 60 and other beheadings of units of measure

11/29/18: A grotesque word:
gar for garfish; Zippy strip with Dunkin’ for Dunkin’ Donuts and more

3/14/19: Caribou with a pair:
pair for pair of balls

5/21/19: homeworks:
homework for homework assignment; e-mail for e-mail message; beheading and communities of practice; beheading and ambiguity

10/28/19: Fried pickles with ranch:
beheadings in fried pickles with ranch

1/1/20: Usage notes frm the kitchen:
beheading of stainless steel to stainless

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