Shirtless postings


excluded, for the most part: photos of men who are shirtless by virtue of their occupations — pornstars, underwear models, models for male photographers, swimmers and divers, dancers


8/14/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: five underwear models:
shirtless: Aden Jaric, Mark Wahlberg, David Beckham, Christian Bale, Travis Fimmel, Taylor Kitsch, Rusty Joiner

4/3/13: scruffilicious:
Charlie Hunnam

7/1/13: Shirtless on the Great Plains:
Kellan Lutz

7/1/13: Josh Duhamel posing:

7/1/13: Another shirtless North Dakotan:
Josh Duhamel

7/2/13: Lycanthropic shirtlessness:
Taylor Lautner

8/2/13: Manufactured remarkableness:

8/2/13: It’s all about the abs:
5 photos from a Hunk of the Month calendar

8/6/13: Seven Supermen and Brad Pitt:
Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tim Daly, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill, Brad Pitt

8/15/13: Hollywood Sparks:
Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel

8/16/13: Zesty Anderson Davis returns:
Anderson Davis for Kraft salad dressings

8/20/13: Five television hunks:
James Marsden, David Boreanaz, Shemar Moore, Jared Padalecki, Jenson Ackles

8/20/13: Spike / Marsters:
James Marsters

8/21/13: Forearms:
Ryan Reynolds, Jacques

8/22/13: Television hunks, separately and together:
Brian Krause, Julian McMahon, Dylan Walsh

8/22/13: BK twink:
young Brian Krause

9/1/13: Cyrus – Timberlake:
Jason Timberlake, Luke Perry, Jason Priestley

9/14/13: Saturday morning showoff:
Joe Putignano, Beto Malfacini

30/11/13: Model cats:
Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Radcliffe

10/15/13: Shirtless hypallage:
about shirtless photos, etc.

10/21/13: Swiss shirtlessness:
Swiss hunk calendar

8/19/14: Abs of the week:
model in kilt, showing off his abs

9/7/14: geosocial:
Tyler Posey

10/4/14: Homage to Marky Mark:
Nick Jonas

10/4/14: Bromantics: Pine and Quinto, Kirk and Spock:
Chris Pine, Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto

10/6/14: More television hunks: NCIS: Los Angeles:
Chris O’Donnell, L L Cool J, Eric Olsen

11/18/14: The Beastmaster:
Marc Singer

12/6/14: Jeff Goldblum:

12/11/14:Advent, Hanukkah, Christmas:
shirtless hunky mermen as Xmas tree ornaments

1/11/15: Bobby Cannavale:

2/2/15: Chuck Tingle:
Chuck Tingle book cover

2/8/15: Duane Michals:
Duane Michals photo

2/12/15: Danny Pino:

2/13/15: Hunky mysteries of identity:
Chris Evans, Scott Evans, Adam Coussins

2/23/15: From the Oscar watch:
Neil Patrick Harris; underwear ads

2/28/15: Local pronunciation:
Ryan Phillippe

3/4/15: Hunks of CSI: NY:
Hill Harper, Carmine Giovinazzo, Eddie Cahill

3/14/15: Hawaii Five-0 hunks:
Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan from Hawaii Five-0

4/1/15: Movies and tv: Doug McClure:

4/1/15: Movies and tv: Ethnic versatility: Savalas:
actor Telly Savalas

4/1/15: Movies and tv: Troy McClure, Troy Donahue, Robert Conrad:
Troy Donahue, Robert Conrad

4/6/15: Dirk Caber:
pornstar Dirk Caber

4/15/15: magnum:
#7: actor Tom Selleck

4/25/15: Morning: Conrad Ecklie:
actors George Eads and Eric Szmanda

4/30/15: Feuilleton: Simon & Simon:
Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker of the tv show Simon & Simon

4/30/15: Feuilleton: Allan Kayser:
actor Allan Kayser

5/15/15: Morning: Steve Burton Richter:
actor Steve Burton

6/11/15: Hunkville:
actor Paul Wesley

6/20/15: Screaming for ice cream:
link to Cazwell performance of “Ice Cream Truck”

6/22/15: Movies and tv: Ian Anthony Dale:
actor Ian Anthony Dale

6/24/15: Hecho en México:
contestants in Mr. World competition

6/29/15: Milo Ventimiglia:
actor V.M.

6/30/15: That goes without:
actor Darren Criss

7/2/15: Initialisms, raunchy and not:
actor Chris Pratt

7/2/15: Pecs, abs, and dancing:
the six principal actors of Magic Mike XXL

7/3/15: More gratuitous shirtlessness:
three shirtless hunks from

7/4/15: Shirtless body types:
skater Blake Skjellup

7/5/15: Herrera / Silvestre:
actors Alfonso Herrera and Miguel Silvestre

7/5/15: Surprise!:
Daily Jocks ad

7/12/15: Waterside trio:
Daily Jocks ad

7/12/15: Fletcher and a trail of associations:
Chevy Chase shirtless in two movies

7/14/15: Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry and more:
Luke Perry shirtless

7/17/15: Television watch: David James Elliott:
DJE shirtless

7/20/15: Television watch: Erik Palladino:
E.P. shirtless

7/21/15: Mark Feuerstein:
M.F. shirtless

7/21/15: Scott Bakula:
S.B. shirtless

7/22/15: Two Bakular notes:
more shirtless Scott Bakula

7/25/15: A dash of ornamental hunkiness:
Antonio Sabàto, Jr.

7/26/15: Shirtless shark-fighting teens:
Ian Ziering as a Chippendales dancer

8/3/15: Gary Carr:
the actor shirtless in Nation

8/9/15: In the Basque diaspora:
gay pornstar Antton Harri shirtless (3 shots)

8/27/15: On the fashion front:
various athletes shirtless

9/6/15: Birthday flowers:
shirtless young man on birthday card

9/14/15: Alex Minsky and his underwear:
shirtless model Alex Minsky

10/3/15: JockMan Admires MooseBriefBoy:
2 shirtless underwear models

10/4/15: Joseph Gordon-Levitt:
G-L shirtless

10/8/15: Rocky Horror at 40:
Peter Hinwood shirtless in Rocky Horror

10/10/15: Annals of phallicity: nozzles (and glycerin, lubes, and posing oils):
model in Diesel ad

10/13/15: Numb3rs and a soap-opera-handsome hunk:
shirtless actor Jordi Vilasuso

10/20/15: Shirtless Mondays:
shirtless actors David Paetkau, Matt Passmore, Seann William Scott

10/22/15: From Shirtless Monday: Seann William Scott:

10/21/15: Depilation Row:
shirtless Daily Jocks model; depilation, oiling

11/12/15: Movies and tv: Grimm:
actor David Giuntoli almost shirtless

11/15/15: Les Danseurs:
Matthew Brookes photographs of male ballet dancers

12/4/15: Thomas Gibson:
actor Gibson shirtless at the beach

12/5/16: Supernatural-medical in Toronto: three hunks:
actors Michael Shanks, Daniel Gillies, Kristopher Turner shirtless

12/6/15: Gay Porn Portal:
three shirtless gay porn actors, of different body types

12/7/15: A Montalbán Hanukkah:
the actor shirtless

12/8/15: Anderson Cooper as a silver wolverine Animorph:
shirtless Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

12/10/15: On the shirtless hunk watch: the Skarsgård Tarzan:
three Tarzan actors, shirtless

12/15/15: Hugh Jackman:
the actor shirtless

12/25/15: Brendan Fraser:
the actor shirtless in George of the Jungle and Gods and Monsters

1/13/16: An eruption of bromanteaus:
shirtless muscular actor in tv commercial

1/19/16: Silver mammoth:
shirtless Colombian footballer James Rodriguez

1/24/16: Morning name: John Varvatos:
#3: three shirtless male models; #5: shirtless rocker

1/26/16: More Cristiano Ronaldo:
2 shirtless shots of footballer Ronaldo

3/10/16: Male beauty:
various shirtless actors, model Ben Riches

3/21/16: Manganiello. The Huge. The Body-Proud.:
shirtless Joe Manganiello

4/20/16: Jon Huertas:
actor Huertas shirtless

4.24/16: Meteor Storm:
actor Michael Trucco shirtless

5/16/16: Two Monday language comics:
shirtless model “Vincent”

8/7/16: Ianto Jones: the shirtless sequel:
actor Gareth David-Lloyd shirtless

9/4/16: Holiday specials:
Labor Day specials with shirtless men

9/11/16: The Mystery Man of Crotch Beach:
shirtless underwear model”Herb Applebee”

10/4/16: Beefcake on screen:
shirtless actors Charlie Hunnam, Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet, Mark Salling

10/6/16: A Euro-hunk:
shirtless actor Goran Visnjic

10/8/16: Naming his Essence:
shirtless underwear model; Bondi Beach rescue team

12/4/16: Le calendrier des agriculteurs:
shirtless French farmer-types

12/23/16: Mac Daddy Santa:
shirtless Tiger Woods

1/1/17: Asian male muscle in fantasyland:
4 shirtless fantasy photos

2/3/17: Geometric Joe:
model Richard Rocco

2/8/17: Another tv hunk:
actor Brandon Quinn shirtless

2/12/17: Chocolates for Valentine’s Day:
model La Maravilla shirtless (3 photos)

2/22/17: Playing for laughs:
Patrick Warburton shirtless in #3

2/25/17: This weekend’s tv hunk:
actor Pana Hema Taylor

2/27/17: Today’s morning name: Topher Grace:
shirtless Grace and Ashton Kutcher (young and older)

2/27/17: CK backs in Moonlight:
shirtless photos of actors from Moonlight

3/8/17: In the West Wing:
Mark Feuerstein and Jimmy Smits shirtless

3/11/17: News for penises: a friend request:
shirtless “Nick Petersucker”

3/14/17: Five tv hunks:
shirtless Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, John Wesley Shipp, Grant Gustin

3/20/17: Save a horse, ride a cowboy:
two shirtless cowboys

3/27/17: JoBroButts, Hills Bros. coffee, and gaybros:
shirtless Nick Jonas

3/28/17: Michael Ontkean:
#2: MO shirtless

3/30/17: Billy Zane:
#2: BZ shirtless

3/31/17: The Phantom of the jungle library:
#1 Zane shirtless; #4, #5 Carnes shirtless

4/1/17: Hitchhiking:
#1-7 shirtless hitchhikers (3 more on AZBlogX)

4/2/17: Corey Saucier:
photos of shirtless model CS

4/4/17: Quick, Bruce, the blat!:
shirtless actor in Vampires Suck

4/28/17: Friday word play in the comics:
#4 shirtless god Pan

5/23/17: “Farley”, the dog said, “get me a slice”:
#5 shirtless Farley Granger

7/25/17: From Tex-Mex to naked rugby:
Nick Youngquest, shirtless in #3, naked in #4

7/26/17: Electric charges:
shirtless actor Lucky Vanous for Diet Coke

7/30/17: The queer quilt:
#4 and #5

9/28/17: From marbles and barbats to challah:
#2 shirtless Romanian man

12/1/17: Male scale:
shirtless actors Robert Urich, Marc Blucas

12/6/17: gruggerwear:
shirtless gay rugby union players showing off

12/11/17: Exercises in high-macho style:
shirtless actor Max Irons

12/11/17: Er is der Schönste in Berlin:
male nude photos, paintings, drawings

12/13/17: A decent woolly mammoth and a nice bit of shirtless cowboy:

12/15/17: Xmas follies: the clothing:
#1 shirtless santa sweater

12/16/17: A tale of a bed: from removal to revival:
#11 photo depicting two shirtless sailors

12/17/17: Xmas follies 2017: the shirtless men of the season:

12/23/17: Amazing Grace of the Rising Sun:
shirtless Johnny Hallyday

12/27/17: Morning tetrameter naming:
shirtless Greek athletes

12/28/17: Bromance for Biffs:
Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin shirtless

1/7/18: Epiphany morning with Joey Tribbiani:
#4 Matt LeBlanc shirtless

2/4/18: Two cute guys with accents:
actors Eddie Cahill (#1) and Lucas Black (#2) shirtless

3/8/18: lubricity:
Daily Jocks ad for Amity Jack with shirtless model

3/11/18: Annals of sport/art:
shirtless pole dancer Peter Holoda, shirtless figure skater Adam Rippon

3/11/18: Annals of shirtlessness: French neo-Classicism:
men in hell in Bouguereau’s Dante and Virgil

3/12/18: Shirtlessness and more: Bouguereau and Sargent:
Orestes paintings; John Singer Sargent’s male nudes

3/13/18: Zane Grills:
#7 shirtless actor Jamie Dornan

3/22/18: The Legend of Hercules:
shirtless Kellan Lutz in three stages; Scott Adkins, Liam McIntryre

5/6/18: Said the rapper to the geek:
#3: shirtless MC Hammer

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:
#5: shirtless Jamie Foxx

6/20/18: Mascots united:
#2 shirtless hunk on book cover

7/20/18: Jurassic Jeff:
shirtless Jeff Goldblum

7/26/18: Hi-g pun for Xmas in July:
#6 naughty Santa shirtless cock-tease

8/18/18: Morning names: Hai Karate, Dirk Diggler:
#1 Mark Wahlberg shirtless

2/23/19: A walk up Emerson St.:
cofounder of Rumble Boxing shirtless

4/7/19: Control your johnson:
Cam Gigandet shirtless (6 views)

5/6/19: A coincidence of days:
shirtless Palm Boy; shirtless woman with a concertina; shirtless gardener with an accordion

5/7/19: It’s come around again:
#2 shirtless masturbator

5/20/19: Annals of fruity goodness: the strawberry file:
Keegan Allen and James Franco shirtless

5/26/19: Follow-up: John Rechy:
#3 John Rechy shirtless in the 1970s

6/19/19: The Magnificent WaterSports:
#4 Steve McQueen shirtless on a motorcycle

7/1/19: O Canada baby, ripple my maple leaves!:
shirtless muscle hunks on the Canadian Thunder male striptease team

9/18/19: The hollow:
shirtless Jared Palecki as Sam Winchester

9/28/19: Gender notes: transgender fashion models:
note on the signficance of shirtlessness in masculinity display

9/29/19: Musclemen from Mars:
shirtless Flash Gordon

10/5/19: A man, his hands, hs pants:
Daily Jocks ad with model’s hand in his pants; series of photos of other men, mostly shirtless, and their hands in relation to their lower garments

11/25/19: Revisiting 38: more male beauty:
#5 a shirtless young Clint Eastwood

12/13/19: Two actor POP days:
#2, #3 shirtless Kurt Russell

12/31/19: The year in spam:
#2 shirtless Brian Dietzen

2/26/20: Golden jubilee:
shirtless Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin

3/2/20: In the political news: catalectic trochaic tetrameter:
#2 shirtless Luis Illades (of Pansy Division)

7/29/20: Portrait of a man: the head and bare torso image:
shirtless Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper; and Booby Cannavale; and Eddie Cahill; plus comments about shirtlessness

8/13/20: Spontaneous erections:
various shirtless men displayng their nipples

8/28/20: Daniel Goddard:
Beastmaster shirtlessness

9/7/20: Le Male, the men’s fragrance:
#1 shirtless Gaultier model

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