In the political news: catalectic trochaic tetrameter

(This is a new posting, intended as a reconstruction of and replacement for a “Catalectic trochaic tetrameter” posting of 3/1 that was somehow destroyed by WordPress, in such a way that if you try to access the posting under that name you are now automatically re-directed to my 3/1 “Guy gear” posting, which is intriguing but not the same thing at all. This “In the political news” posting quotes some sexual street talk but isn’t about men’s bodyparts or mansex, so I’m not warning anyone off. But it’s not all sunshine and roses.)

A Facebook dialogue from 2/29:

Gadi Niram: I don’t know what the deeper meaning might be here, but “Klobuchar and Buttigieg” has the same stress pattern as “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern”.

Arnold Zwicky: A line of catalectic trochaic tetrameter – SW SW SW S — incredibly common in folk verse of all kinds, and elsewhere. Including: “Lord what fools these mortals be”. Not to mention one reading of: “Captain of our fairy band”. And, from a recent posting of mine: “Lincoln Darwin Valentine”.

From my 2/13/19 posting “Captain of our fairy band”:

(#1) Captain of our fairy band: Lincoln Darwin Valentine (a double dose of CTT; note that double dose of CTT is itself CTT)

Even better, our drummer, Luis Illades of Pansy Division:

(#1) Drummer of our fairy band: Illades, away from his drum kit to perform a shirtless cock tease

About Pansy Division, on this blog:

from 12/16/12, in “The gay underwear anthem”: about PD and their song “Groovy Underwear”

from 4/16/17, in “Out gay male bands”, from a section on PD:

One reference in [the posting title “The gay underwear anthem”] is to [PD’s] song “Anthem”: “We’re the buttfuckers of rock & roll / We wanna sock it to your hole” (the other is to gay underwear). Which sounds aggressive, but is, like almost all their music, cheerful and celebratorily gay.

Trochaic tetrameter, and especially CTT. A few postings on this blog. First, on TT generally:

from 3/20/14, in “The lure of trochaic tetrameter”:

Trochees are everywhere in English, and tetrameter is the predominant meter for folk verse of all kinds.

And then some CTT postings, leading to the double dose of CTT in #1:

from 10/13/17, in “Ascending and parting”: the cartoonist’s name

Jason Adam Katzenstein

from 12/11/17, in “Exercises in high macho style”:

Teddy bears and hand jobs is a nicely parallel coordination, of two N + N compounds, the whole thing making a trochaic tetrameter line with a superstrong [douby catalectic] second half:
S W | S W | S | S

from 12/27/17, in ” Morning tetrameter naming”:

Xénophón Bellérophón

from 2/11/18, in “Briefly: edible trochaic tetrameter”:

Thrée Meat Cróck Pot Cówboy Béans

from 8/11/18, “P-alliterative and tetrametric lines”:

purple rainbow puppy pen (SW SW SW S)


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