Briefly: edible trochaic tetrameter

Noted on a Pinterest food board, this dish from the South of Your Mouth website:

Ah, found poetry: a nice line of trochaic tetrameter (with short fourth foot):

Thrée Meat Cróck Pot Cówboy Béans

That’s a six-word compound that allows for plenty of ambiguity from alternative parsings. In the intended reading, three meat and crock pot are both modifiers of cowboy beans, so the meaning is roughly ‘cowboy beans (a bean dish associated with cowboys) cooked in a crock pot with three meats’. But three meat crock pot cowboy could be parsed as a modifier of beans: ‘a bean dish associated with three-meat crock pot cowboys’, which associates both crock pots and three meats with cowboys. And then we’re free to imagine what a three-meat cowboy would be like. Talk about hung! (And, of course, tasty.)

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