Model cats

(Not much about language.)

From Laura Staum Casasanto, a link to a site on “Cats that look like male models”. Pure silliness.

Not all the men can fairly be described as male models; some are just actors. Take Robert Downey Jr., in this pairing:


Downey has a decent (lean) body, but not really a shirtless male-model body:


Many of the cats appear with props, posed to match the photos of the men. Here’s actor Daniel Radcliffe and his cat counterpart:


And here’s a shirtless (in fact, naked) Radcliffe, in Equus:


Again, a nice body, but very lean for nude male model work.

Two more, with photos where I can’t identify the model. A shirtless Batman, emphatically with a male-model body (plus elaborate props for the cat):


And then a clear fashion model, in costume (plus props for the cat):


Plenty more on the site, including more shirtless hunks.

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