(Lots of mansex talk in plain terms. Not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

You find that you’ve wandered into a gay porn flick and you’re on the road: in fantasy L.A., on Santa Monica Boulevard or on the Pacific Coast Highway along the beach or somewhere similar; or in fantasy Country & Western territory, maybe outside of Nashville or along Route 66 south of Bakersfield or on the West Texas plains or somehere similar. You’re either driving or hitching.

If you’re driving, there will soon be a hitchhiker by the side of the road, and he will your fantasy man, a William Higgins SoCal twink or a Joe Gage blue-collar hunk. When you pick him up, he’ll give you what you need. You do him, he does you, you trade, whatever. You get whatever you need.

If you’re hitching, there will soon be a driver along the road, and he will be your fantasy man, a SoCal twink in a red convertible or a blue-collar hunk in a dusty pickup. When he picks you up, he’ll give you what you need. Same deal: you do him, he does you, you trade, whatever. You get whatever you need.

One manifestation of the fantasy: grease-monkey boy in board shorts and ballcap. Curly hair, SoCal spread-lip smile. Ready to roll.


(Most of the images, here and in an accompanying posting on AZBlogX, are from the “hitchhikers” album on the MenSmut site.)

To come: a note on hitchhiking; progressively more outrageous shots of hot guys hitchhiking; on porn director William Higgins; leading to two (of many) Higgins hitchhiking scenes; Joe Gage hitchhiking scenes (blue-collar C&W); C&W hitchhiking in literotica; and a hitchhiking note from John Waters.

Hitchhiking. From Wikipedia:

Hitchhiking (also known as thumbing, hitching, or autostop) is a means of transportation that is gained by asking people, usually strangers, for a ride in their automobile or other vehicle. A ride is usually, but not always, free.

Itinerants have also used hitchhiking as a primary mode of travel for the better part of the last century, and continue to do so today.

The hitchhikers’ methods of signaling to drivers differ around the world. Many hitchhikers use various hand signals…

In North America, United Kingdom and most of Europe, the gesture involves extending the arm toward the road and sticking the thumb of the outstretched hand upward with the hand closed.

… In 2011, Freakonomics Radio reviewed sparse data about hitchhiking and attributed the decline since the 1970s, at least in North America, to a number of factors including lower air travel costs due to deregulation, the presence of more money in the economy to pay for travel, more numerous and more reliable cars, and a lack of trust/fear of strangers. Fear of hitchhiking is thought to have been spurred by movies such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and a few real stories of imperiled passengers, notably the kidnapping of Colleen Stan in California.

Thumbs out. The guy in #1 is reasonably realistic. But once we enter fantasy Gayland, things quickly get out of hand. First, fly open, visible hard-on, in a cock tease:


Now stripped down to underwear:


A thumb and a tongue.

Then no clothes at all. Hand over the crotch:


And in rear view:


Then on AZBlogX, three full-frontal hitchhikers (though they all have the sense to wear shoes, unlike the two guys just above): #1 there, not completely naked, but jeans pulled down and dick hangin’ out (plus a ballcap); #2, completely naked (except for a bandanna, which is irrelevant to the crotch), cock only half-hard; #3, thumb out and cock out and hard, plus a ballcap and a really big suitcase.

William Higgins. Two recent postings on this porn director’s classic work (especially showcasing boyish characters in SoCal settings):

on 3/26/17, “On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll”, on (among other things) Higgins’s Pacific Coast Highway

on 3/27/17, “Members Only: two moments”, on Higgins’s Members Only

plus one on an ad for a C1R flick, offering bareback sex among hunky Eastern European men:

on 3/3/16, “Sex positions in action”, on the recent porn flick Uncut & Raw

From the Wikipedia entry quoted there (which has since been been cut down):

William Higgins (also “Wim Hof”) is a director of gay pornographic films. His first film, “Boys of Venice,” [Venice CA] was produced in 1979. He has since produced over 140 internationally distributed titles…

One of gay porn’s pioneers, William Higgins began making movies with a distinctive ‘”California look” in the 1970s and directed many of Catalina Video’s greatest hits for nearly two decades. With classic films like Pacific Coast Highway, The Young & the Hung, Sailor in the Wild, Class Reunion, Big Guns, These Bases Are Loaded, Brother Load, Beyond Hawaii, and French Lieutenant’s Boys.

Kevin Clark’s 2011 Porn from Andy Warhol to X-Tube: A Photographic Journey has a short interview (pp. 109-10) with Higgins that’s mostly about his Czech work. According to a Higgins site that’s been on-line since 2001, his production company is now based in the Czech Republic (headquartered in Prague), using models from Eastern Europe and Russia and producing lots of bareback videos. The best source of information I’ve found is in Jeffrey Escoffier’s 2009 Bigger than Life: The History of Gay Porn Cinema from Beefcake to Hardcore (from the evidence there we can estimate that Higgins was born in about 1943). A photographic reproduction of the relevant section (pp. 159-66), with some interpolations:






The reference on the page above to West Coast Highway is actually to Pacific Coast Highway — relevant here because of scene 3, in which Jeremy Scott and Jack Burke (acting under the name Jake Anderson) pick Noll up off the side of the road, and notable because the guys end up having sex on the car, rather than, as is usually the case, in it..


The next page introduces Higgins’s other great twink, Leo Ford (reputed to be Higgins’s favorite). Ford in a p.r. shot, looking pouty, erect, and ridiculous:


Ford died, at the age of 34, in a motorcycle accident, on Sunset Boulevard.



This section of Escoffier stops before he gets to another Higgins movie with a roadside pick-up in it, The Young and the Hung:


(Chris(topher) Lance on the cover.) The p.r. on the HisXpres website, with the crucial bit boldfaced:

Director William Higgins has so many bona fide “classics” to his name that some may be overlooked. “The Young & the Hung” shouldn’t be. This tale of college- age guys and their carefree sexual exploits is a marvel.

The star here is Chris Lance, a fetching sandy-blond with a tight, hairless little body. He seems to be at the age when boners happen almost instantly, and in his motel room one morning strips down, grabs his dick, and jacks off in a lovely opening segment.

On the road driving a truck, Chris picks up hitchhiker Grant Fagan. The sly Chris chitchats with Grant about skinny-dipping, women, and jack-off contests, before he tells Grant he has some porno mags in his glove compartment. Grant grabs them and gets visibly aroused through his jeans. Chris, being the gentleman that he is, offers to pull over and take care of that rise while he jacks off. When Grant doffs trousers, he pulls out a thick piece of meat that Chris almost eats whole on the back of the truck. Moving back into the driver’s seat, Chris has Grant feed him cock through the open window. What drives this pairing is Chris’ sheer lust and Grant’s relaxation under his partner’s wing. Chris finishes blowing Grant and has the hitchhiker sit on his face for a bit, then almost demands that Grant plow him. Grant stands and hoists his sausage into Chris’ smooth cheeks, and Chris doesn’t even whimper. This is obviously a position he has been in before. When Grant has thrust away to climax, he lets Chris be the first to mount his ass. Grant does seem a bit uncomfortable as Chris obliges, but soon warms up and lets Chris sink all the way in, before more cum-shots are blasted.

Chris goes home and showers, and realizes he has the munchies. Not long after he has gone inside the motel’s diner, he notices Brian Estevez playing pool. Chris practically drools as he looks at the cute brunet. He even rubs his crotch to get his attention. Brian is a bit startled, then leaves his game and heads to the john. Inside, he sits on a toilet, unzips and starts jacking an impressive dick. Chris stumbles in and grabs the next stall. They talk a bit and although Chris seems hesitant about playing in a public place, Brian assures him it’s okay. Through a glory hole they both get a taste cock, and the oral interaction is shockingly carnal. When they have sprayed their first loads, they hasten to Chris’ motel room where they go at it more heavily. As Chris rims Brian, Brian sucks his dick, leading to a moment where Brian rears his head, shifts his groin area forward, and has a seat on Chris’ erection. They screw in two positions, Brian bottoming both times in a heated encounter.

A watermelon is put to sound use. Tex Anthony, Ken Kerns and Michael Gere, three strapping lads with sex on their mind, bring said fruit into a barn. In the absence of a woman, they’ve decided to fuck it instead. As they punch holes into the watermelon and determine who gets “pussy rights,” it’s very funny. Ken whips out his hardon, jacks a bit, then grabs the watermelon and skewers it. As he grinds away excitedly, Michael Gere begins to fondle his pert ass. Ken doesn’t bat an eyelash — nor does he jump when Michael actually rams his dick up his chute. Seeing that he has been left out of the equation, Tex moves in, places himself in front of Gere, and takes some of Ken’s behind. This is a great three-way where the guys get more uninhibited as the night wears on. Soon, Tex has yanked down Michael’s skivvies and takes his ass, showing no subtlety to his friend. Ken, meanwhile, has proven to be as good a cocksucker as he is a fruit-fucker, sucking Michael with ease. Finally, they go to the comfy environs of a bed and take care of the last bit of unfinished biz — humping Tex. Tex gets on his back and lets Michael poke his silly, Tex masturbating the entire time.

Michael Gere later runs into college student Troy Ramsey outside, who has been traveling on his bike and misjudged the distance he was going. Seeing that it is nightfall, Michael invites Troy to spend the night in his barn, where he claims to have lived for years. Troy peels down to underwear and crashes. In a top bunk, Michael is unable to sleep because of the sight of those firms melons not far from him. No longer able to control himself, he gets up and moves to those buns. Gingerly pulling up Troy’s undies, he begins to lick the fuzzy bum, then grabs a knife and cuts the fabric so that he can have better access. Troy wakes up, but instead of anger he relishes the hot tongue. Troy takes Michael’s erection in his throat while Troy eats more butt. In a real surprise, it’s Troy who gets shafted, at first from behind then missionary with more aggressive strides. Troy is a very butch bottom who stays hard while penetrated.

Brian Estevez peeks into the bedroom of luscious Frenchman Papillon, a man who wanks thinking he is alone, even going so far as to faux-fuck his pillows before he, and Brian, shoot their loads.

Camping outdoors, J.T. Denver thinks he, too, is alone, and starts to fondle himself. Couple Jim Erickson and Terry Evans see him and giggle. They change into their leather gear and decide to have some fun. Grabbing a chainsaw, they attack J.T.’s tent and jump inside, scaring the guy silly. When J.T. sees who it is, he is calmer. The couple’s plan seems to be humping J.T., who is placed on hands and knees while Jim takes his muscled behind. These three are all gorgeous, especially the hard-driving Jim. What was supposed to be a lesson for J.T. then gets more equal opportunity, as the virile and mustached Terry puts his face near the ground and lets J.T. show his versatility on his cheeks. Terry is so horny he efficiently sucks off Jim as he himself is getting shafted by J.T. Cum-shots are plentiful in this loop, but the money-shot that registers the hardest is Jim’s orgasm right on top of, and into, Terry’s lips and mouth.

“The Young and the Hung” is sensational with the kinds of touches William Higgins has become known for — seduction, versatility, sensational camerawork and energetic models — and it all has been transferred to DVD handsomely.

I left the rest in because I found it enjoyable, especially the watermelon-fucking (the glory hole is good too).

Joe Gage. Higgins is — or, rather, was — boyish SoCal fantasy. Then there’s Joe Gage, the king of blue-collar C&W fantasy. (Plenty of hitchhiking in both.) In this case, I’ve written about Gage on this blog, and Gage has pretty much stayed closed to his blue-collar C&W genre. A recent (2016) flick, Stopover in Bonds Corner:


Luke Adams, Dallas Steele

From the QueerMeNow site:

Dallas Steele hitchhikes across the desert after his Jeep breaks down. He gets picked up by Mitch Vaughn, who watches the stud relieve himself before hopping in. The driver makes a pit stop to his shop: “You kind of like showing off your equipment, don’t you?” The two stare at each other as they stroke their big cocks, then swap sucks as Mitch’s extended tongue begs for more. Dallas eats the smooth jock’s hole, then reams his ass (“Oh my God, your cock is so big!”) before offering his own hole. Mitch feeds the bottom his own cum, then bursts all over his face as Dallas begs “Shoot that load in my mouth!

And then from written porn: “The Hitchhiker”, by the bluntly pen-named HankSucksCock, on the Literotica site:

It was an incredibly long drive across Texas, through some of the most desolate country imaginable. My sales job took me all over the southwest. I’d been driving for hours and could count the cars I’d seen on one hand. Of course, this was somewhat by design; I didn’t care for interstate highways. I much preferred the two lane state routes. With so few cars to share the road with, I could get lost in my music or just my thoughts. Besides, all my customers lived off of these kind of roads.
I was on a particularly desolate stretch of road when I saw the hitchhiker up ahead. I remember thinking, “How does he expect to get a ride on a road with no traffic?” I believe you can easily divide people into two groups when it comes to hitchhikers, and I’ve always been in that group that will generally stop to offer someone a ride. It’s the samaritan thing to do, and besides, it’s nice to have a little company. I’d met some nice people that way, and had some very stimulating conversation. I had never once felt threatened, and had only regretted it once or twice (when my passenger had been too many days without a shower.)
As I got closer I could make out his stereotypical cowboy features… He was lean and lanky, with dusty jeans, a denim jacket over a white T-shirt, aviator sunglasses, a red bandana hanging out of one pocket, and a cowboy hat – the kind where the brim is bent at fairly sharp angles. I slowed as I passed him and he flashed a nice smile and a friendly wave. I pulled over and waited as he ambled up. He opened the back car door and tossed a dusty, well-worn, army surplus duffle bag into the rear seat before climbing into the front seat beside me.
“Thanks for stopping. I’m Brett,” he said and offered his hand. I shook it, noting his rough skin and firm grip.
“Hank,” I said. “Where you headed?”
“Houston,” he replied. I checked my mirrors and gunned it.
“I’m headed for Phoenix,” I said. “Happy to drop you off.”

[a while later] “Pull the car over so you can suck my dick.”
I was literally speechless.
“Pull the car over. Do it now!” He said with such authority that I bewilderedly began to brake and pull over.
“Look,” I stammered, “I-I-I wasn’t… I mean I’m n-n-not…”
“Right,” he chuckled. “Save it, Hank. You’ve been staring at my crotch ever since I got in the car. That’s alright. I get that a lot. I know what you want, Hank, and I’m going to give it to you. And maybe some more besides.”

About the site: (like the Nify site — posting here) it provides erotic stories from amateur authors, in a variety of categories. (The name is a portmanteau of literary and erotica; it’s an invention that has been made independently by others.) There are plenty of gay hitchhiker stories on both sites.

John Waters bonus. A little while back John Waters set out on a hitchhiking odyssey around the U.S., a project that resulted in his quirky 2015 book Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America. From p. 6:


On to L.A. Tool & Die!

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    HuffPo 10/16/13, “Paul Detwiler’s ‘24 Hitchhikers’ Explores Vintage Homoerotic Photos”, by James Nichols:
    A new film screened at the 4th Annual ONE Queer Film Fest last weekend offers a glimpse into a unique corner of queer history.
    Titled “24 Hitchhikers,” the film explores photos taken by an unnamed, closeted Atomic Energy Commission scientist who picked up hitchhikers during his daily commute along the Pacific Coast Highway. The film’s description notes that “those men he felt trustworthy were invited to his home and photographed, and their long-concealed nude images provide a glimpse into what occurred during those bygone encounters.”

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