Members Only: two moments

(Well, it’s about gay porn, so not to everybody’s taste.)

Following my look at Pacific Coast Highway, I’ve been revisiting more William Higgins gay porn — just up, Members Only (1982), in which three L.A. buddies hang out in a hot tub, telling steamy stories about their sexual encounters (with, of course, a finale three-way indoors). The front cover of the DVD, much cropped (because it’s dense in dick):


Cast (several of them already established pornstars in 1982): Jon King, Derrick Stanton, Greg Hanson, Rick Vega, Giorgio Canali, Bill Curry, Danny Scott, Marc Silver, Rick Peters. One scene has Scott and Silver flip-fucking, quite satisfactorily. Two things: I went to check on which guy was Scott and which Silver and what their careers were like, only to discover that Members Only seems to be the only porn flick that actors with those names ever appeared  in, and there are no images of or information about either of them that I could find. They are apparently porn ghosts.

One of them, playing the owner of a house that the other is doing landscape work on, struck me as immediately, recognizably, gay, even just in repose. And now I’m wondering what I’m picking up on.

Here’s a (very imperfect) screen shot:


Disregard the pink A-shirt and the knowledge you have that this is a character in a gay porn flick.  Why do I look at this and say, “Whoa! That one’s gay!”? Well, yes, there’s the hair, but if I block that out I still get a big gay vibe.

Then he talks and moves, fully confirming my first impression. Actually, in my judgment he’s a really hot guy, and high-visibility fags are just fine with me. But where did my impression come from?

Two porn ghosts and the Mystery of the Big Gay Vibe.

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