The demented rabbit p.r. pitch

More remarkable p.r. pitched to the NYT obituarist (among other things) Margalit Fox (reported by her on Facebook today):

Hello Margalit

I wanted to make sure you had the story about ‘Hoppy The Easter Bunny,’ the first-ever hologram-bunny who comes to life to decorate homes and parties.

The full story is below. You are welcome to review Hoppy and other _____ products, share the story, etc, so long as _____ is cited as the source and when possible, linked to. If you would like to interview the _____ founders and leadership about the new trend in digital decorating, please let me know.

  • What Does Hoppy the Easter Bunny Do?

He hops, paints eggs, grows flowers, and even preforms magic tricks. …

  • How Does Hoppy Come To Life?

Hoppy’s animated loop-able scenes can be projected onto walls, screens, and special hollusion material that makes it look like Hoppy is standing anywhere in your home…

Truly it brought tears to my eyes. The typo preforms is just lagniappe, icing on the cake.

Margalit’s comment:

As a child, I had, as many Jewish children do, Easter envy. This has quashed it once and for all.

For some, it’s Peeps that did Easter in.  For Margalit, it’s Hoppy.

One of Margalit’s FB friends had an inspred idea for a response:

You could tell them you’re interested in writing Hoppy’s obituary. That should get their attention.

(Oh yes, the portmanteau hollusion, hologram + illusion.)



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