Sex positions in action

On AZBlogX this morning, a piece about an ad for the porn flick Uncut & Raw, directed by William Higgins for Channel 1 Releasing, with a shot (#1) from the flick illustrating a particular position for anal intercourse, plus a re-run of a shot (#2) from the earlier flick Distraction, showing a complexly athletic three-way with another position for anal intercourse.

Comments there about some language of mansex: names of positions;  the metaphor in doggie or doggie-style; ride and mount as sexual metaphors; fuck sandwich (and meat in this act), 369, and spitroast+ (and pig in sexual spitroasting) as names of three-man sexual acts. (I note there that fuck sandwich is not in Sheidlower’s The F Word, also not in Green’s Dictionary of Slang.)

Then there’s William Higgins. From Wikipedia:

William Higgins (also “Wim Hof”) is a director of gay pornographic films. His first film, “Boys of Venice,” [Venice CA] was produced in 1979. He has since produced over 140 internationally distributed titles. His films have won several Grabby awards and he is in the GayVN Awards Hall of Fame. He is the founder of the film production company Catalina Video.

One of gay porn’s pioneers, William Higgins began making movies with a distinctive ‘”California look” in the 1970s and directed many of Catalina Video’s greatest hits for nearly two decades. With classic films like Pacific Coast Highway, The Young & the Hung, Sailor in the Wild, Class Reunion, Big Guns, These Bases Are Loaded, Brother Load, Beyond Hawaii, and French Lieutenant’s Boys.

Wikipedia doesn’t say when he was born, but he must be at least in his 60s (and probably in his 70s) now.

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