Corey Saucier

… the male model, in body-display, rather than fashion-display, mode — so only a little about language. On the other hand, this posting is, in word and image, at least technically SFW (though homo-steamy).

It begins with a Facebook comment from Ken Rudolph about image #1 in my “Hitchhiking” posting of yesterday:


Ken asked:

Who is #1? And where did that still come from…it looks more like a regular movie than a porn.

Not any kind of movie, but a posed still done by a professional photographer (as are, I think, #2-7 in my hitchhiking posting, and the three photos in the accompanying AZBlogX posting). Meanwhile, a Google Images search led me to Saucier.

(The name Saucier is, no surprise, originally French. It comes, at least in part, to the U.S. from Canada, through Acadians who settled in Saucier, Mississippi, and no doubt other places as well.)

Proviso. There are two Corey Sauciers. Searching on the net leads you mostly to the one above, a Texan white guy still in his 20s, but sometimes to the Californian (went to UCSC, lives in L.A.) black guy, an HIV-positive writer and performance artist who’s now 40 — and also much more massive than the Texan model. His current profile photo:


He too is given to shirtless photos, so on that score they could be confused.

The fashion model began appearing in print in 2010, managed by several agencies and modeling for DNA magazine and Calvin Klein, among others. A gay-gushy piece on the homorazzi site (portmanteaus are everywhere: homosexual + paparazzi), “where homos dish everything”: “Model Behavior: Corey Saucier”, by Donovan on 11/18/11:

For this week’s Model Behavior, I really wanted to give you one saucy beyotch [beyotch is a friendly version of bitch]. In this case, it’s pretty literal. Meet Corey Saucier. As his last name suggests, he’s definitely “saucier” than your average male model next door. Perhaps, it’s due to the fact he’s from Houston, Texas. They say everything grows bigger in the Lone Star state and this 6’1″ stud certainly lives up to that motto. I’d gulp down this tall tasty drink of sexy any day of the week. [Have I discussed tall drink of a man? Apparently not.]

The 23-year-old male model was raised in a Houston suburb – Spring to be exact. Growing up, he played numerous sports including football, baseball and basketball. He continued with both football and baseball all the way through til his college years at Texas State University. He majored in business management but dropped out to pursue a career in modeling after being urged by friends to give it a try.

Those friends definitely knew what they were talking about. Upon arriving in New York, Saucier quickly signed with AIG model management. In his relatively short career, Corey has caught the eye of gay the community thanks to his spreads in Out magazine, The Advocate and YVY Mag. With his extremely hot body its hard not to get noticed. He’s also caught the eyes of veteran photographers like Jeremy Kost, Greg Lotus and Eric Schwabel. Check out a few pics from these photogs and others of Saucer below. Be forewarned, you might need a cold shower from all the shirtless pics. Enjoy.

Homorazzi has a substantial photo display, as do a number of other sites from the period; Saucier has a big fan base, among women and gay men. I’ll start with a smiling shirtless pose (with lowered jeans as a bonus) that’s closest to #1 above:


(The spread-lip smile is by no means confined to SoCal, though it’s a stereotype of surfer dudes there. Part of the stereotype is that it’s the source of the unrounded variant, [ʉ], of /U/ in good etc., there: those dudes smile, with spread lips, all the time, so they can’t manage to round their lips for /U/. Mysteriously, they round just fine for /u/, as in pool and cute.)

On the homorazzi site, a pubic hair cock tease (also conveying power via his muscular pecs and neck):


On the Morphosis (Men’s Fashion and Music) site in 2011, a head and torso shot with hot nips:


In a photo by Jeremy Kost for DNA on 12/1/10, we get an armpit display, plus low-riding jeans:


Finally, two “Corey Saucier – Male Model Monday” photos on the SocialiteLife site (“Celebrity News, Photos & Gossp”, with a Shirtless album of men as well as a Bikini album of women) on 5/16/10, both decdedly homoerotic (steamy naked pit shot, Calvin Klein crotch grab):



Then recent news on the Ford Models Facebook page on 4/11/16:

Announcing Corey Saucier as our #MCM [Man Crush Monday]! Corey went to school for business in San Marcos, TX and joined the #FORDmen team soon after!

There’s a brief video interview with Saucier there.

Sexualized images of models are collaborations between photographer and model; #1 and #3-7 above are deliberate achievements, presenting Saucier’s body as sexually desirable, and the homoerotic appeal is deliberate. Meanwhile, Saucer works out regularly to maintain this body, and I’m guessing that he shaves his body as well as his face, to craft the image of one type of masculine beauty, maintaining a youthful smoothness that appeals to many women and gay men. At the same time, he’s got the boyish hair and a stock of varied facial expressions, and he projects a sense of physical power in reserve. Plus the flagrant cock teasing.

Like male models in general, in collaboration with his photographers, he’s using his body to sell himself and the clothes he wears. Of course, none of this says anything about his own sexuality — but he has to appreciate the homoerotic appeal he projects, be comfortable with it, and (to be really successful) welcome it, revel in it. Good job, Sauce Man!

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