A decent woolly mammoth and a nice bit of shirtless cowboy

She asked herself, “Where can you go and get an old gay fellow a stirring picture of a decent woolly mammoth and a nice bit of shirtless cowboy?” And answer came there none. And so she had this idea of commissioning this art work:

Shirtless Cowboy Mounted on Woolly Mammoth”, by Magda Guichard (2017)

And she had it made into a big fleece blanket, to warm and entertain the old guy. And he rejoiced.

The searcher is Kim Darnell, who was seeking a Christmas present tailored for an old gay fellow, namely me. She was shocked, shocked to discover that no one seemed to have created such an image — how could such a thing have happened? — so she enlisted her friend, costume designer Magda Guichard (website here), in mounting a shirtless cowboy (a fantasy figure I am fond of — let me recommend the gay porn flick Buckleroos (2004) as the high end of the gay cowboy mansex genre — though my real-life experience with shirtless cowboys, especially gay ones, is small, but  not zero) atop my totem animal, the woolly mammoth (“As long as it’s woolly I don’t ask questions”), against a gauzily rainbow backdrop.

Then she farmed it out to folks who impress images on various useful objects, in particular double-thickness fleece blankets (soft, oh so caressably soft!). And presented it to me this morning as a cover for my new bed. (The old one, with its huge — 9-foot wide — headboard, went off with two nice Got Junk? dudes this morning, to be replaced on Friday by a bed with a less monstrous headboard but a substantially higher frame, much more suitable for someone with my disabilities. There will be photos.)

In any case, I was stunned into speechlessness, a rare condition for me.

Two postings here on the figure of the shirtless cowboy:

on 3/20/17, “Save a horse, ride a cowboy”

on 7/30/17, “The queer quilt”

As for mammoths, this blog has a whole Page of postings about them.

And then: the beginning of this posting is modeled on a comedy sketch by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. From a 7/17/14 posting of mine, a section about

the reflections of Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling in the “Frog and Peach” comedy sketch by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore from the 1960s:

the idea for the Frog and Peach came to me in the bath. … as I was scrubbing my back with a loofah, I thought, “Where can a young couple, who are having an evening out, not too much money, and they want to have a decent meal, you know, a decent frog and a nice bit of peach, where can they go and get it?” And answer came there none. And so I had this idea of starting a restaurant specializing in these frogs legs and, er, peaches

You can watch the whole absurd sketch here. The sketch spawned a host of enterprises called Frog and Peach, including a number of eating places. Maybe my blanket will start of chain of Shirtless Cowboy Mounted on Woolly Mammoth (Cowboy on Mammoth, for short) enterprises. Well, I can dream.

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