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Caught two episodes of Murder in the First (set in San Francisco) on cable tv this morning and was struck by one member of the supporting cast, Ian Anthony Dale, playing Lieut. Jim Koto. Yes, despite the name Ian Anthony Dale, the actor is Japanese-American, with striking good looks and an intensity in his performance. He also looked hauntingly familiar. Ah yes, the character Adam Noshimuri on Hawaii Five-0, where he gets to play a romantic lead part.

Here he is, smiling attractively:


And he’s a serious hunk, lean and fit.


From his website:

Ian Anthony Dale [born July 3, 1978] currently stars as Lieutenant Jim Koto on TNT’s “Murder In The First” from creator Steven Bochco.  Additionally, Dale continues to be a fan favorite on the hit CBS show “Hawaii Five-0” where he plays Adam Noshimuri, a reformed Yakuza and love interest of Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park).

Dale is often recognized for his break out role in NBC’s acclaimed series “The Event” as double agent Simon Lee.  His additional television credits include a series regular role on “Surface,” and recurring roles on “Day Break,” “24,” and “Criminal Minds.” He has also appeared on “American Horror Story,” “The Mentalist,” and all three shows in the “CSI” franchise.  Feature film credits include “The Hangover,” “Tekken,” “The Bucket List,” and “Mr. 3000.”  Dale is also part of the most watched web series of all time “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” where he plays the iconic Scorpion.

He has an interesting family. His mother Olga (now retired from a long career as a pediatric nurse in Minnesota) is originally Japanese, and his father, originally French-Canadian, is now an abstract painter, also in Minnesota. Here’s the short story from a site on his art:

Jack Dale is a non representational abstract painter.

… Jack went to college (University of Minnesota) on a hockey scholarship, played on the 1968 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team and three years as a professional before an injury ended his career. The good fortune is that he turned to his art and has been painting ever since.

Ian originally planned on a career in baseball, but was sidetracked by a serious injury into an acting career.

(Ian confesses that he speaks no French at all and, despite his mother’s efforts, only a tiny amount of Japanese. A classic story of American linguistic assimilation.)

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