Phallicity: general

Phallicity postings: general

(The notation penis means that an actual penis is depicted. But, in general, postings on gay porn are not included on this list; penises are routine in that context.)


☛ 8/23/10: Data points: sentential portmanteaus:

☛ 9/5/10: Phallicity: the introduction:

☛ 9/5/10: Phallicity: the symbolic and the real, joined:
hose imagery

☛ 9/13/10: Phallicity: innocent? (1):

☛ 9/13/10: Phallicity: innocent? (2):

☛ 9/14/10: Guns and fountain pens:

☛ 9/15/10: Phallicity: not at all innocent:

☛ 9/15/10: Phallicity: the symbolic and the real, joined:

☛ 10/25/10: Phallicity: high-macho displays:

☛ 11/12/10: Phallicity: Rocket to Uranus:

☛ 11/16/10: Phallicity: the salt/pepper shaker:

☛ 11/16/10: Phallicity: the penisaurus:

☛ 11/9/10: Lives of the pornstars:

☛ 11/30/10: Phallicity: Falcon SuperCocks:

☛ 12/12/10: The racy Xmas card:

☛ 12/14/10: Phallicity: the 16th century:

☛ 12/21/10: The Xmas package 4:

☛ 12/23/10: The Xmas package 5:

☛ 1/2/11: Phallicity: Reese Rideout:

☛ 1/9/11: Showoff:

☛ 1/21/11: Valentine gift:

☛ 1/22/11: J. C. Leyendecker:

☛ 3/28/11: Magic realism:

☛ 3/30/11: Male vanity:

☛ 4/9/11: Phallicity: the nose:

☛ 4/11/11: In my e-mail today:
penis; porn

☛ 4/12/11: Phallicity: George Condo’s Uncle Joe:
penis; art

☛ 4/12/11: Phallicity: anatomically correct paper dolls:

☛ 4/17/11: Bulges:

☛ 4/24/11: The sexual connection:

☛ 5/6/11: Seven from Jockstrap Central

☛ 5/8/11: Maypole and big guns:

☛ 5/11/11: Mel Roberts boys:

☛ 5/12/11: Dick decorating:

☛ 5/16/11: On the slur patrol:
comic (The Flaming Carrot)

☛ 5/20/11: Crotch, or basket, shots:

6/7/11: Package deal:
the Weinergate episode

☛ 7/12/11: Two phallic follow-ups:

☛ 7/15/11: Annals of phallicity:

☛ 9/14/11: Phallicity: Josephtailor works:

☛ 9/14/11: The news for penises:

☛ 10/3/11: Two bits of phallic play:

☛ 11/1/11: Hallowphallicity:

☛ 11/9/11: Mouthing it:

☛ 1/10/12: Light bulb photo:

☛ 1/14/12: Mien men:

☛ 2/18/12: Penis lamps:

☛ 2/18/12: Dildo lamps?:

☛ 4/22/12: Chemistry, phallicity, and (anti-)Rockwellism:

☛ 5/7/12: Missile phallicity:

☛ 5/19/12: Annals of garment phallicity:

☛ 8/1/12: Olympic sex silliness:

☛ 8/5/12: Snakes, worms, fish, clams, slugs:

☛ 8/8/12: Olympic exposure:

☛ 8/8/12: More vintage comics:
phallic weaponry in the last two

☛ 8/11/12: Annals of phallicity: Wienermobile, banana slug split:

☛ 8/15/12: VPL:
link to Visible Penis Line site

☛ 8/17/12: Denim peekaboo:

☛ 8/18/12: On the banana watch:
banana, carrot

☛ 8/22/12: Forbidden Planet:
Leslie Nielsen with a space gun in Forbidden Planet

☛ 8/24/12: Nicknames and mascots:

☛ 10/13/12: Celeriphilia:

☛ 1/18/13: Annals of phallicity: The carrot connection:

☛ 1/20/13: Annals of phallicity: the light switch:

☛ 1/28/13: Annals of phallicity: the breadstuffs:

☛ 1/29/13: Annals of phallicity: toy guns:

☛ 2/4/13: Annals of phallicity: or are you just happy to see me?:

☛ 2/5/13: Annals of obscene gestures:

☛ 2/10/13: Lunar New Year: the snake:

☛ 3/12/13: Fruit phallicity:

☛ 3/21/13: The Hamm knuckle:

☛ 4/23/13: More news for penises:
“Added a bit later in the day, after seeing an ad for the Pocket Hose on tv: “The Pocket Hose just grows and grows and grows, into a full-length hose.”

☛ 4/30/13: Mounties with guns:

☛ 5/5/13: A five-pack:
Eel Man is #2

☛ 5/7/13: The protean Colby Keller:

☛ 5/10/13: From the annals of unintended phallicity:
People’s Daily building

☛ 5/18/13: More shaker phallicity:

☛ 5/19/13: X or not?:

☛ 5/23/13: Annals of phallic animation:
(medieval) flying penis monster

☛ 5/24/13: News on the edible penis front:

☛ 5/25/13: Departments: Amazing food:

☛ 5/27/31: raw sex:
Raw Sex band’s phallic logo

☛ 6/2/13: A holiday I missed:
National Masturbation Month, Masturbate-a-thons (with logos)

☛ 6/10/13: Cigarette phallicity:

☛ 6/18/13: Annals of phallicity: the penis cake pan:

☛ 6/23/13: Zesty Anderson Davis:

☛ 6/30/13: Penis from Heaven:

☛ 7/14/13: Sex on the magazine cover:
Bloomberg Businessweek

☛ 7/19/13: pizzle:


☛ 7/27/13: Annals of phallicity: Carlos Danger at bay:

Annals of phallicity: Carlos Danger at bay

☛ 7/28/13: Ice cream time:

Ice cream time

☛ 7/30/13: Annals of phallicity: the drill crotch:

Annals of phallicity: the drill crotch

8/3/13: The Weinerfest rolls on:

The Weinerfest rolls on

New Yorker Weiner cartoon

8/4/13: On the Weiner watch:

On the Weiner watch

gay porn parody flick Anthony’s Weener

☛ 8/10/13: Annals of phallicity: the palm error:

Annals of phallicity: the palm error

☛ 8/24/13: Men and their pickles:

Men and their pickles

☛ 8/29/13: Kissing the rose:

Kissing the rose

poster for Querelle

☛ 9/12/13: Nine Inches:

Nine Inches

☛ 10/3/13: Alan Ritchson (and Justin Hartley):

Alan Ritchson (and Justin Hartley)

☛ 11/5/13: On the phallic church watch:

On the phallic church watch

☛ 12/17/13: Xmas phallicity:

Xmas phallicity

☛ 12/20/13: Sexy stuff:

Sexy stuff

☛ 1/10/14: Banana candle:

Banana candle

☛ 1/25/14: Plant phallicity:

Plant phallicity

☛ 4/4/14: Cock in a sock:

Cock in a sock

☛ 5/3/4: Tom of Smurfland:

Tom of Smurfland

☛ 5/31/14: Anthony Gormley:

Anthony Gormley

☛ 7/10/14: Today’s phallicity find: Seltzer Sisters

Today’s phallicity find

☛ 7/10/14: Dubious disavowals?: Dirty Bird logo

Dubious disavowals?

☛ 9/10/14: Red devil: phallic statue in Vancouver

Red devil

☛ 9/17/14: Today’s phallic ad: paste-up of a Kellogg’s ad:

Today’s phallic ad

☛ 9/21/14: The cock cushion: stitchery cock

The cock cushion

☛ 10/4/14: Homage to Marky / Mark: Nick Jonas grabbing his crotch

Homage to Marky / Mark

☛ 10/18/14: No word for it: ‘erectioned’: ithyphallic

No word for it: ‘erectioned’

☛ 11/10/14: Monday quartet: Multiverse in #2, on cigars:

Monday quartet

☛ 11/24/14: Phallic art: artwork on AZBlogX

Phallic art

☛ 12/3/14: “just happy to see me”: the unicorn

“just happy to see me”

☛ 12/13/14: Burger King phallicity

Burger King phallicity

☛ 1/15/15: Shed your inhibitions: Manneken Pis

Shed your inhibitions

☛ 2/14/15: A forest of symbols in a time of love: sexualized Valentine’s card

A forest of symbols in a time of love

Valentine’s hose imagery

☛ 2/18/15: Saint Phalle phallic philately: phallic stamp and poster in a condom-use campaign

Saint Phalle phallic philately

☛ 3/19/15: Back to edible penises: gummi penises

Back to edible penises

☛ 3/30/15: Still more news for penises

Still more news for penises

☛ 4/5/15: Big and small: penis size

☛ 4/5/15: Compare: male couples comparing their penises

☛ 4/6/15: Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber

☛ 4/15/15: Magnum:


assorted phallic symbols

☛ 4/17/15: Annals of phallic reference: a real fireman’s nozzle

Annals of phallic reference: a real fireman’s nozzle

☛ 6/9/15: Annals of advertising: patriotism, sex, and overwhelming mouthfuls of food:

Annals of advertising: patriotism, sex, and overwhelming mouthfuls of food

burger as phallus

6/20/15: Screaming for ice cream:

Screaming for ice cream

link to Cazwell performance of “Ice Cream Truck”

6/25/15: The news for penises, including accidental ones:

The news for penises, including accidental ones

two examples of accidental phallicity

6/27/15: The news for penises, Norwegian edition:

The news for penises, Norwegian edition

penis costume

7/4/15: Full frontal tv:
full-frontal nudity in two television shows; penis

7/4/15: Embrace of the televised penis:

Embrace of the televised penis

full-frontal nudity in two television shows

7/11/15: Outrageous art:

Outrageous art

Giger poster with Penis Landscape

7/14/15: Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry and more:

Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry and more

#5 Luke Perry wielding a phallic gun

8/8/15: Phallicity watch: the mushrooms:

Phallicity watch: the mushrooms

phallic mushrooms

8/14/15: Annals of phallicity: the hardness score:

Annals of phallicity: the hardness score

the Erection Hardness Score; tv programs with phallic names

9/7/15: Returning to your roots:

Returning to your roots

phallic sweet potato root

9/24/15: Another medieval penis monster:

Another medieval penis monster

from a medieval manuscript: a dragon with a penis hat

10/7/15: Two recurrent themes:

Two recurrent themes

phallic ironwork

10/10/15: Annals of phallicity: nozzles (and glycerin, lubes, and posing oils):

Annals of phallicity: nozzles (and glycerin, lubes, and posing oils)

nozzles and hoses

10/25/15: Sunday penis notes: #2 the news for penises:

Sunday penis notes: #2 the news for penises

inflatable penis

10/25/15: Sunday penis notes: #3 phallic food

Sunday penis notes: #3 phallic food

10/28/15: Wednesday news for penises:

Wednesday news for penises

two phallic images in French comics

11/7/15: Adventures in food, fun with hot dogs:

Adventures in food: vintage Betty Crocker, fun with hot dogs

phallic food: bananas

11/8/15: ExtenZe:


plants with phallic parts as ingredients in the male enhancement product

11/17/15: Alaskan-cod-pieces:


codpieces as phallic symbols

12/26/15: The sounds don’t quite match:

The sounds don’t quite match

Scott Metzger cartoon in #1: dildos

12/28/15: Extreme underwear, some in rainbow:

Extreme underwear, some in rainbow

StevenEven Pikante line, the second item with an enormously long penile pouch

1/5/16: The news for penises, issue #1 of 2016:

The news for penises, issue #1 of 2016

1/17/16: Classless but far from sexless:

Classless but far from sexless

phallic Marcuse logo

1/26/16: Huge News For Men!:

Huge News For Men!

Penuma silicone penis implant

2/4/16: Some news not for penises:

Some news not for penises

phallic cock and many expressions that do not contain it

2/7/16: The news for, um, monkeys:

The news for, um, monkeys

two phallic designs with a monkey in them

2/11/16: The news for testicles (and, oh yes, penises):

The news for testicles (and, oh yes, penises)

phallic folk art, genitaliac symbols

2/17/16: A passion for pickles:

A passion for pickles

cucumbers and pickles as phallic symbols

2/19/16: The grief of priapism:

The grief of ulnarism

Priapus and priapism

2/19/16: Mid-February news for penises:

Mid-February news for penises

phallic pickles

2/25/16: a katakana para:

a katakana para

bananas and malangas; flutes and drumsticks as phallic symbols, drums as vaginal and anal symbols

3/7/16: Double male proficency:

Double male proficiency

rods, lances, staffs; names Rod and Lance; “Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me”

3/10/16: The news for penises: hot dogs for 5, carrots for 2:

The news for penises: hot dogs for 5, carrots for 2

carrot in a graphic

3/25/16: The news for penises: a flower garden:

The news for penises: a flower garden

penis flower print fabric

4/14/16: The knitwear news for penises:

The knitwear news for penises

knit men’s underwear with elephant trunks, snakes

4/18/16: 70s Cleaverwear:

70s Cleaverwear

overtly phallic pants

4/23/16: The news for penises, snickerboy edition:

The news for penises, snickerboy edition

preoccupation with the word penis

5/1/16: Mint, Flint, Slate, Brick:

Mint, Flint, Slate, Brick

extreme pouchwear

5/8/16: The knotted gun:

The knotted gun

Reutersward gun sculpture

5/13/16: stroke:


masturbation sleeves

5/20/16: Old fashioned Super Duck:

Old fashioned Super Duck

Super Dick (superhero penis), Super Dickmann’s (phallic) candies

5/22/16: Male Art: two views:

Male art: two views

#7: gun standing in directly for a penis

6/13/16: The news for penises: wrap it in a bagpipe:

The news for penises: wrap it in a bagpipe

condom bagpipe

6/14/16: Crate labels:

Crate labels

#1 and #2 (possibly subliminal) penis and testicles

6/17/16: Pleasures of patriotic penetration:

Pleasures of patriotic penetration

dildos and vibrators

6/28/16: Michael DiMotta:

Michael DiMotta

#3 elephant’s trunk in gay cartoon

7/8/16: Someone old, someone new:

Someone old, someone new

#2 penis cartoon by Edward Steed

8/9/16: Dick’s rhyme:

Dick’s rhyme

#2 banana in underwear ad

8/14/16: News for penises: the Orgy logo:

News for penises: the Orgy logo

penis-letter logo for the gay porn flick

8/15/16: Falcon trading cards: the bodies:
8/15/16: Falcon trading cards: the faces:

Falcon trading cards: the faces

it’s all about the cocks

8/16/16: News for penises: dick pic advice from Eric André:

News for penises: dick pic advice from Eric André

8/22/16: The Fine Art Exemption:

The Fine Art Exemption

Michelangelo’s David and its penis

8/23/16: More on the David:

More on the David

continuation of the previous, plus Anthony Weiner

8/26/16: Linguistics and its orthographically related disciplines:

Linguistics and its orthographically related disciplines

invented portmanteau lingus (lingam + phallus)

8/26/16: Two impressively eccentric artists:

Two impressively eccentric artists

Lynda Benglis: double penis as a smile, in bronze

8/26/16: Sylvia Sleigh’s male art
five paintings by Sleigh of male nudes, with flaccid penises

8/26/16: Sylvia Sleigh’s male art:

Sylvia Sleigh’s male art

discussion of images in previous

9/11/16: The Mystery Man of Crotch Beach:

The Mystery Man of Crotch Beach

phallic (and testicular) plants

9/19/16: Horns:


Almond Horns, cuckold’s horns

9/23/16: News for penises and their simulacra:

News for penises and their simulacra

phallic public art

10/9/16: Briefly noted: ribbed, for her pleasure:

Briefly noted: ribbed, for her pleasure

phallic funeral monuments

10/11/16: News for penises: NCOD, Portlandia:

News for penises: NCOD, Portlandia

Marky Mark, finger pointing, neckties

10/16/15: … and his fruit was sweet to my taste:

… and his fruit was sweet to my taste

the sausage tree and its fruit

11/6/16: Vases for phallophiles:

Vases for phallophiles

4 penis vases

11/8/16: Perverted tastes:

Perverted tastes

#2 phallic asparagus

11/8/16: A planter for phallophiles:

A planter for phallophiles

“crotch planter” with cactus in it

11/9/16: Eliding the black penis:

Eliding the black penis

11/14/16: Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy:

Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy

iron ‘penis’

11/17/16: No cigar:

No cigar

cigars, asparagus spear, wiener, banana

11/18/16: The news for cigars:

The news for cigars

11/19/16: Gluten log at the Bluebird Diner in Brooklyn:

Gluten log at the Bluebird Diner in Brooklyn

gluten logs, cigars

11/23/16: Two Stanford adventures:

Two Stanford adventures

agave flower stalks

11/25/16: Swish Zwicky:

Swish Zwicky

#1 weapon

12/6/26: Penguins among the aspsragus:

Penguins among the asparagus

12/7/16: More news for cigars:

More news for cigars

12/18/16: The Yule log:

The Yule log


12/21/16: The advancing horde of shelf elves:

The advancing horde of shelf elves

toothbrush, wooden spoon, candy cane

12/26/16: The Christmas pickle:

The Christmas pickle


1/21/17: Annals of double entendre:

Annals of double entendre


2/12/17: Chocolates for Valentine’s Day:

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

#4 toy penis

2/15/17: The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises:

The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises

rockets and rocket ships; love X compounds ‘penis’

2/19/17: Art of the penis:

Art of the penis

images of penises in art

2/28/17: The little man with the laundry:

The little man with the laundry

the clothespin as phallic symbol

2/28/17: Plant packages:

Plant packages

phallic evergreen, phallic cactus

3/1/17: A codgerie of shaggy men:

A codgerie of shaggy men

another phallic cactus

3/6/17: Bruce Nauman:

Bruce Nauman

Nauman’s phallic artworks

3/10/17: Friday cartoon 3: more news for penises:

Friday cartoon 3: more news for penises

Mr. Potato Head with detachable genitals

3/13/17: Risible (faux-)commercial name:

Risible (faux-)commercial name

penis jokes, penis cartoons

3/14/17: Pop, ejaculated the weasel:

Pop, ejaculated the weasel

the nose

4/10/17: The news for penises: Wanksy:

The news for penises: Wanksy

the penis graffiti artist

4/21/17: rest stop:

rest stop

#7 flying golden penis award

4/25/17: You can call me Al:

You can call me Al

#1 mini-phallus

4/26/17: Saint Phalle:

Saint Phalle

Fr. phalle; Tinguely phallic construction

5/13/17: From the alien agriculture desk of the News for Penises:

From the alien agriculture desk of the News for Penises

Bob Eckstein cartoon (giant penis crop circles); Helsinki man in giant penis suit; penis park in Samcheok, South Korea

5/13/17: Months and days:

Months and days

phallic and vaginal symbols in Masturbation Month poster

5/14/17: Fags Before Flags, and other in-your-face t-shirts:

Fags Before Flags, and other in-your-face t-shirts

3 phallic t-shirts

5/17/17: Red hots, getcher red hots!:

Red hots, getcher red hots here!

phallic fruit skewers

5/20/17: Brainless Tales, with more news for penises:

Brainless Tales, with more news for penises

#1 a baniener, banana + wiener

5/27/17: Rodeos and sword dances:

Rodeos and sword dances

the sword as phallic symbol

5/31/17: The eve of Pride Month:

The eve of Pride Month

dildos (that glow in the dark)

6/2/17: Needlepoint X:

Needlepoint X


6/9/17: Three cactuses:

Three cactuses


6/26/17: Put a sock on it in parade season:

Put a sock on it in parade season

penis sheaths; phallic cock socks

7/5/17: More news not for penises:

More news not for penises

cock’s combs and spurs; and crests and thorns/spines on plants

7/23/17: Codpieces on Cellblock 13:

Codpieces on Cellblock 13


8/6/17: Words as weapons, images as ideas:

Words as weapons, images as ideas

three phallic posters (#3, 4, 10)

9/12/17: Cat on a silken thread:

Cat on a silken thread

the Zwicky company’s phallic smokestack

10/12/17: The pizza boy as cultural figure:

The pizza boy as cultural figure

pizza slice as phallic symbol, whole pizza as sexcavital symbol

10/21/17: Gift postcards

Gift postcards

penis birds

11/3/17: On the pickle watch:

On the pickle watch

more pickle play

11/3/17: The Pink Fellowship:

The Pink Fellowship

underwear pouches; metaphorical daggers, spears, etc.

11/5/17: Alpine news for penises:

Alpine news for penises

giant wooden penis on an Austrian mountaintop

11/6/17: Revisiting 11: news for wooden penises:

Revisiting 11: news for wooden penises

Finnish military “camp cocks” carved from wood

11/12/17: This week’s news for pickles:

This week’s news for pickles

more pickle play

11/14/17: Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter:

Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter


11/26/17: Guess I’ll go eat worms:

Guess I’ll go eat worms

worms, pasta

11/27/17: Again, the rowers of Warwick:

Again, the rowers of Warwick

symbolic grape clusters (used as screens for male genitals)

12/7/17: The saguaro in bloom:

The saguaro in bloom


12/12/17: The news for penises, St. Lucy’s Eve edition:

The news for penises, St. Lucy’s Eve edition

3 photos of phallic palm trees in Xmas lights

12/15/17: Xmas follies 2017: the decorations:

Xmas follies 2017: the decorations

phallic napkin-folding for Christmas

12/17/17: Moby Chick, Moby Duck, Moby Dip:

Moby Chick, Moby Duck, Moby Dip


12/25/17: The power of the pen:

The power of the pen

sculptures, some possibly, some clearly, phallic

12/29/17: News for penises: artwatch:

News for penises: artwatch

giant penis painting by Carolina Falkholt

12/31/17: News for penguins, penises, and Totoro:

News for penguins, penises, and Totoro

ads for seasonal gay porn. featuring penises

1/28/18: Adventures in cataloging: the muscular finger action figure:

Adventures in cataloguing: the muscular finger action figure

3/5/18: fingerwork:


extended finger as phallic symbol

3/6/18: Annals of advertising: Dollar Shave Club:

Annals of advertising: Dollar Shave Club

pairing of phallic symbols with testicular symbols in DSC ads

3/9/18: On the Slugwatch:

On the Slugwatch

slugs, esp. banana slugs, as phallic symbols

3/12/18: Shirtlessness and more: Bouguereau and Sargent:

Shirtlessness and more: Bouguereau and Sargent

John Singer Sarget’s male nudes – PENIS

3/23/18: What does a wooden penis mean?

What does a wooden penis mean?

phallic symbols; lingams / lingas

4/1/18: Easter Fool’s:

Easter Fool’s

the carrot as phallic symbol

4/9/17: The gay world of Yvon Goulet:

The gay world of Yvon Goulet

male triad (penis + testicles) symbols; Fleur de Lis; genital triptychs

5/3/18: He said “prickles”:

He said “prickles”

phallic pickles and cacti

5/4/1 8: Pickled pricks:
chili peppers and pickles as phallic symbols

5/12/18: News for penises, Icelandic edition:

News for penises, Icelandic edition

Elmo the superhero penis

6/3/18: The rose and the flames:

The rose and the flames

flames and tongues as phallic symbols

6/4/18: Again with the nose job:

Again with the nose job

nose as phallic symbol

6/19/18: The wands, magic wands, and fairy wands of Pride:

The wands, magic wands, and fairy wands of Pride

plain wands as phallic symbols, showily tipped wands as symbols of a climactic phallus

6/23/18: A pixelated morning:
penis cake, the penis representing a male head and neck

7/3/18: Annals of edibilia: Hissing Cockroach, Severed Genitals:
#6 penis cakes

8/6/18: Two occasions, four cartoons:
missile phallicity

8/14/18: Butch fagginess:
#2 popsicle phallicity

8/19/28: End of season:
penis sandcastles

9/6/18: Three bulletins:
#3 hillside bicycle image turned into penis image

9/14/18: News for penise: images, accidental and intentional:
accidental penis image in NWS map; intentionally phallic Limoncello bottles

9/23/18: Stormy compounds in English:
mushrooms and lipsticks as phallic symbols; penis mushrooms, mushroom penises

10/6/18: News for French penises:
Eiffel Tower as phallic symbol; replica marketed as dildo

10/15/18: Piñata under the gun:
sticks, bats, guns as phallic symbols; peniform piñatas

10/17/18: PUMP!ing it up:
Popsicles as phallic symbols

11/12/18: News for penises: salt and pepper:
penis pepper mills, salt/pepper shakers

11/25/18: Morning at the bottom of the sea:
penis worms

12/22/18: Festoonists:
#3 light bulbs

12/28/18: News for penises: Bourdain’s Bhutan:
phalluses as design elements in folk art in Bhutan

2/20/19: Gay Heart Throbs:
phallicity-heavy cover for a gay comics magazine

2/20/19: News for penises: notes on phallophilia:
Gay Heart Throbs cover on my regular blog

2/23/19: Driving it home:
many phallic (and maybe testicular) elements in the Chariot card from a gay tarot deck; Spartan helmets again

3/6/19: Collagen days:
curved fruits, vegetables, and artefacts as symbols of curved penises

3/10/19: News for penises, French Riviera edition:
the Apollo of Nice (in marble) and three horsemen/planets (in bronze)

3/26/19: Through a glass penis, darkly:
penis cocktail cups, shot glasses; penis art

3/26/19: They might be herons:
poentially phallic herons, snakes, arums, icicles, spears, yuccas or agaves

3/30/19: News for carnivorous penises:
peniform pitcher plants

4/21/19: Let’s have a kiki … in me:
arrows (in bullseyes)

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:
Mapplethorpe cock and gun; finger gun

4/30/19: Where are you going with that?:
axes and sledgehammers (and guns)

6/19/19: The Magnificent WaterSports:
popsicles and Creamsicles

7/26/19: On the lawn:
shuttlecocks with red heads

8/22/19: Annals of phallicity: symbol and simulacrum:
wrenches as phallic symbols (also axes); penis simulacra (phallic wrench; realistic dildos)

8/28/19: Annals of category labels: food from a hole in the ground:
penis as hole food (filling for an anus)

10/14/19: Space Candy:
guns and rifles; penis-revealing underwear

10/16/19: Adventures in homomasculinity: the pink jock:
jockstraps as metonyms]

10/29/19: Annals of burritio:
burritos as phallic symbols

12/13/19: Revisiting 39: penis fish on California beaches:
the penis fish (a spoon worm species) Urechis caupo

12/14/19: Xmas beefcake for a good cause:
peppermint sticks as phallic symbols; chimney as phallic symbol or as vaginal symbol

12/24/19: Hung with care:
Vadim Temkin’s gay — mansex — alphabet, highly centered on penises; peniphilia

12/31/19: The year in spam:
male sign

1/17/20: Amado Spears and his husband, fulfilled by Peter:
spears as phallic symbols

1/26/20: Predicative / locational:
penis [cropped in photo] – naked men selfies

1/27/20: Humongous fucks Adonis:
two scenes from Falcon’s 1984 The Bigger the Better, with three notable penises (Rick Donovan, Matt Ramsey, Brian Hawks)

1/28/20: Humongous tops Adonis:
regular blog version of the previous (penises cropped but described)

2/12/20: Big dicks, sex roses, and Angel Rock:
roses as phallic and as anal symbols; big penises

2/13/20: Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day:
regular blog version of the previous

2/25/20: Timothy and Agrimony:
flower spikes as phallic symbols

3/7/20: Tragedies of the pandemic:
the apotheosis of the penis

3/15/20: Higashi Day cartoon 5: hoods and news:
foreskins, real and symbolic; ManHoods

3/24/20: Mexican dicks with super-spiny nipples:
extraordinarily phallic cactus

3/25/20: Three men:
fireplug/kielbasa penises

3/29/20: St. Martin des Poires:
pears as genital symbols

4/1/20: Annals of sexual slang: peacocks:

Annals of sexual slang: peacocks

peacocks as phallic symbols (not entirely jokily)

5/10/20: Conceptually artistic dicks:
Vadim Temkin penis art

6/13/20: Roll my log for Pride:
Tom of Finland’s “River Duo”, with logs and poles

7/1/20: A hose in your pocket:
hoses and nozzles

7/4/20: Pretty, and sometimes, protuberant, in pink:
enhanced pouches

7/7/20: Navy flamingos and roseate spoonbills:
enhanced pouches

7/14/20: His banana Ana and his avocados Arnold:
an assortment of phallic symbols, including broccoli and mushrooms

7/16/20: quiescent and deliquescent:
Popsicles and their kin

7/21/20: Further adventures in Pouchland:
pouch-displaying underwear

8/13/20: Spontaneous erections:

1/27/21: Fleurs des males:
penises treated as flowers that can be assembled into bouquets ad other floral arrangements

1/14/21: Macho toys: the ads:
phallic items as stand-ins for male genitalia in ads for sex tys

3/7/21: Phallicity: Nick Cave’s Soundsuits:
highly stylized phallicity in the works of the performance artist

4/7/21: Assuming the position:
phallic elements in pin-up art

8/27/21: Annals of phallicity: the Bezos rocket:
degrees of phallicity in the rocket world

9/8/21: My Lollicock has come home!:
lollipops, dildos

9/15/21: Items of gay decor:
neon pink dildo

9/29/21: Bang!:

2/17/22: Vincent Price and his sushi at the Boulevard:
nigiri sushi (esp. salmon)

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