(About men’s bodies and mansex, discussed in street language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Seven photos from gay porn, almost all X-rated, on AZBlogX, in a posting today, “Fingering”, showing finger sucking and finger fucking.

But the impetus for this posting came from a gay porn compendium of orgies, in which one episode included a sweet moment of finger sucking.

Background from a 1/2/11 posting on “Group sex in gay porn”: orgies in gay porn (like the action in an orgy room at the gay baths in real life) are mostly not fluid events with every guy taking on, in turn, almost every other, but rather are organized as sex in groups, typically of two, three, or four men, who pretty much stay together throughout the orgy, but shifting from one sexual act to another and from one role to another within those acts. Orgies in high-end gay porn are often, in fact, carefully composed visually, with pleasing alignments of the bodies in each group and pleasing arrangements of the groups.

The emotional power of an orgy is that though it usually takes place in a private space, carefully separated from larger public spaces, within that space everything is entirely public, available for all the participants to see, appreciate, and be aroused by. Everybody is performing, flagrantly, for everyone else.

In porn films, everybody kisses, everybody sucks cock, everybody eats ass, and a lot of guys get fucked; getting fucked in public is an especially potent assertion of flagrant queerness. In orgy rooms in real life, things are more constrained by individual tastes and preferences — some guys don’t kiss, some guys don’t suck cock, a great many guys don’t eat ass, a considerable number don’t get fucked, a few don’t fuck — but there’s still a lot of sexual action of many kinds.

(In porn, it’s all choreographed, primarily by the director and photographer. In real life, it all has to be negotiated, mostly through non-verbal signals; if that’s a dance, it’s highly improvisational.)

Now to the orgy in the episode I watched yesterday morning. At one point, a three-way was arranged so that one guy had his asshole filled with cock and was getting his own cock sucked, but he had nothing in his mouth and neither of the other guys in the group was positioned to be able to put a cock in his mouth, so one of them, sweetly, gave him a finger to suck, which he did with a little moan of pleasure: he was now fully engaged, dick, asshole, and mouth, all the bases loaded. (A bit later, the guys shifted position and our guy got the cock in his mouth that the finger had promised.)

Some basic stuff. An extended finger is a natural phallic symbol. It can stand for a dick, as in the gesture of giving the finger or flipping the bird, to convey ‘fuck you!’ And it can serve as the promise of a dick, as in this sequence from a Tumblr site on AZBlogX, which is framed as a dominant man taking a submissive man sexually: in #1, the sub sucks a finger (as promise of the dom’s dick in his mouth) then in #2 sucks cock (the promise fulfilled), then in #3 gets finger-fucked (as promise of the dom’s dick in his asshole) — and finally, though this isn’t shown on AZBlogX, gets fucked (the promise fulfilled).

(#1) The encounter begins

#4 in AZBlog shows more intense finger sucking, with a cumface bonus.

An extended finger can also serve as an instrument of anal pleasure — in effect, a dildo you carry around with you, always available for your pleasure or someone else’s. #5 in AZBlog shows a guy self-fingering while jacking off; the combination is apparently quite common, and in fact I discovered its attractions very soon after I began jacking off, as a boy.

Like rimming, fingerwork can be configured emotionally in two different ways: as an aggressive claiming of another man’s body (with the fingerer /rimmer as dominant) or as providing a service to the other man’s pleasure (with the fingerer / rimmer as submissive or, very often, collaborative).

#6 in AZBlogX shows aggressive finger fucking (with two fingers this time), #7 collaborative, highly mutual finger fucking, a finger-fuck combined with cocksucking; an alternative is for the finger-fucker to jack off his partner — in either case, pleasuring both his partner’s asshole and his partner’s cock.


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