Again with the nose job

Today’s Zippy is a re-play of a drawing from 2015, now with dialogue:


Stroke the nose and you slip through the nasal passage in the nose-time continuum to the bulbous-nose Cartoonosity region of Zippyland.

The earlier version, in my 2/6/15 “Another kind of nose job”:


Notes from my 2/6/15 posting on this strip, “Another kind of nose job”:

Three things, starting (1) with what looks like a glory hole [first AZ posting (of many) on glory hole here] for nasal sex — affording the opportunity for (2) a nose job in a new (sexual rather than surgical) sense [parallel to hand job, blow job, and rim job] — and (3) transforming those who use it into cartoon characters.

… The gradual transformation from “ordinary”, more humanoid cartoon characters to characters with exaggerated cartoonish features [bigger eyes, bigger ears, big bulbous noses] has come up in Zippy at least twice before: in a 7/31/12 posting “cartoony”; and in a 6/1/13 posting “cartoonosity”. [Also in a 1/20/15 posting “cartoonosity”.]

Apparently, giving someone a nose job (in this new sense) can not only provide gratification for the recipient but can also make you go all cartoonish/cartoony.

[Revised 6/5/18 to correct a misreading of the strip.]
On (1). Ok, an oven in Leona’s kitchen, not just an opening in a brick wall, as in the earlier version. Probably not an actual glory hole (repurposed for nasal rather than oral sex; on the customary arrangement, see my 7/31/12 posting “glory hole” ) — though the idea of a kitchen glory hole is entertaining.

In the 2015 strip, I took the opening to be in a brick wall on a public street, which was an even more entertaining idea. Some people who saw it this way in 2015 thought it was an ATM, but that’s unlikely: even if the hole replaces the screen, there’s no key pad, no slots, no shelf.

Instead, if it’s an opening in a wall on a street, it would surely be a night depository, with the open space replacing the pull-down chute for deposits. (Ever since I was a kid and my parents regularly used one for their business, I’ve associated the commercial term night depository with noctural emission ‘an involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep, wet dream’ (NOAD). Teenagers!)

From the Investopedia site:


A night depository is a bank drop box where merchants can deposit their daily cash, checks and credit card slips outside of normal banking hours (usually between 9 AM and 5 PM). The bank will collects the deposits and credit them to the merchant’s account on the following business day.
Night depositories provide additional security for merchants, since they don’t have to keep this money at their business location overnight, where it might be vulnerable to theft. Night depositories can lower risk in this regard.
Instead of the envelopes that individual customers use to make bank deposits at ATMs (automatic teller machines), merchants often use lockable zippered bags, which are more secure and hold a larger volume of paper.

Or it could be the through-wall after-hours drop-box version of the device used for returning books and videos:


On (2). Noses are well-known phallic symbols. One early posting on this blog: on 4/9/11 “Phallicity: the nose”.

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