Today’s Zippy, with a cartoon transformation:

The three Dingburgers admiring Little Zippy (already cartoon characters) become more and more like cartoon characters, more cartoonish, more cartoony: bigger eyes, bigger ears, longer noses.

The strip combines three themes: playful morphology in Zippy; ostentatious -ity; and the conventions of cartooning. Postings on these themes, on Language Log and here:

AZ on LLog, 8/28/06: Playing with your morphology:
ostentations -ity in Nougatocity

AZ on LLog, 8/29/06: Bogosity:

AZ on LLog, 3/1/07: Get Fuzzy gets playful:
seriosity ‘seriousness’: ostentatious –ity

AZ on LLog, 5/12/07: Zippy’s suffixiness:
especially on -iness

6/1/13: cartoony:
in the last panel, Zippy becomes more cartoony by developing big eyes

10/14/13: Zippifixation:

Bill Griffith is fond of playful morphology: here, humorology ‘the study of humor’ and humorologist, plus humorosity ‘humorousness’.
… I don’t find any humorology or humorosity elsewhere on the Zippy site (though its search program sometimes misses things). But Zippy strips have other ostentatious derivatives in -osity (especially randomosity ‘randomness’) and other novel formations in -ology

7/30/14: More Zippy playful morphology:

Another chapter in Zippy’s playful morphology, notably with -ity: seriosity and goofiosity.

[plus cartoonishness]

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