More Zippy playful morphology

Yesterday’s Zippy:


Another chapter in Zippy’s playful morphology, notably with -ityseriosity and goofiosity. (The names Mrs. Decaf and Mr. Groundnuts are a bonus.) The laughter uh-hyuk is true cartoonish Goofiness: a quote from the Disney character Goofy.

From a 10/14/13 posting on “Zippifixation”:

Bill Griffith is fond of playful morphology: here, humorology ‘the study of humor’ and humorologist, plus humorosity ‘humorousness’.

… Zippy strips have other ostentatious derivatives in -osity (especially randomosity ‘randomness’) and other novel formations in -ology (amphibiology, garbology, sanitology). [plus] Three more occurrences of Zippiesque randomosity

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