Today’s Zippy, on the origin of humor:


Bill Griffith is fond of playful morphology: here, humorology ‘the study of humor’ and humorologist, plus humorosity ‘humorousness’.

Humorology has sometimes been coined playfully by others, as has humorosity, but the main net presence of humorology is in connection with the University of Wisconsin at Madison:

Humorology, or “Humo” for short, is an annual juried musical/variety show [begun in 1948] that takes place at the Union Theater of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The competition consists of six original mini musical comedies written, produced and performed by independent companies and overseen by a student-run executive board. (Wikipedia link)

I don’t find any humorology or humorosity elsewhere on the Zippy site (though its search program sometimes misses things). But Zippy strips have other ostentatious derivatives in -osity (especially randomosity ‘randomness’) and other novel formations in -ology (amphibiology, garbology, sanitology).

Three more occurrences of Zippiesque randomosity:

(#2: 5/3/07)

(#3: 11/14/11)

(#4: 2/24/12)

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    On Facebook, Ann Burlingham groans at the rimshot pun at the end of #1.

  2. More Zippy playful morphology | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] a 10/14/13 posting on […]

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