Another kind of nose job

(Warning: high sexual content.)

Today’s Zippy:


Three things, starting (1) with what looks like a glory hole for nasal sex — affording the opportunity for (2) a nose job in a new (sexual rather than surgical) sense — and (3) transforming those who use it into cartoon characters.

Background, in order.

On glory holes. See this 7/31/12 posting for discussion of glory holes. Here’s a graphic illustrating the essential components of a standard glory hole, a penis and a hole for it:


In #1, we’ve got a nose (a common phallic symbol) and a hole for it.

Next, X job.Taken up in this 9/28/13 posting, starting with the sexual examples rim job, blow job, hand job. From that posting:

Not every compound of the form X job is an instance of this snowclonelet; only ones with job ‘sexual act’ as their head are. So compounds referring to types of plastic surgery (boob job, nose job, butt job) are irrelevant, as are those referring to automotive work (lube job, grease job).

Hand job and blow job are the conventional X job compounds for the referents, but people have explored other possibilities: for hand job, jack job and mano job are both attested; and for blow job, suck job and mouth job.

Then there’s clit job as a slang variant of cunnilingus.

And my favorite, the hum job, a blow job accompanied by humming to further stimulate the recipient.

Finally, becoming cartoony. The gradual transformation from “ordinary”, more humanoid cartoon characters to characters with exaggerated cartoonish features has come up in Zippy at least twice before: in a 7/31/12 posting “cartoony”; and in a 6/1/13 posting “cartoonosity”.

Apparently, giving someone a nose job (in this new sense) can not only provide gratification for the recipient but can also make you go all cartoonish/cartoony.

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