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In previous instalments: “The news for penises” of 9/14/11; and “More news for penises” of 4/23/13. And now another bundle of stories: on the first successful penis transplant; on the Banana Bunker, a container for a single banana; and on a fashion article featuring “groin gazing”, of erect penises under clothing.

Penis transplants. (This one is serious, and there won’t be any illustrations.) The story has been widely covered; here’s a version from New Scientist (print edition of March 21st):

Nine more men could soon receive new penises following news last week of the world’s first successful penis transplant.

Performed in December, the 9-hour procedure relied on surgical techniques developed for face transplants to connect fine blood vessels and nerves to the new organ.

Although full sensation is expected to take two years to return, the 21-year-old recipient can already achieve erections and orgasms and can ejaculate and urinate. “Our goal was that he would be fully functional at two years, and we are very surprised by his rapid recovery,” says André van der Merwe of Stellenbosch University in South Africa, who carried out the surgery.

The team had been planning the procedure since 2010 and now hopes to repeat it. Like an estimated 250 South African men each year, the recipient had to have his original penis amputated following a botched traditional circumcision when he was 18.

On “traditional male circumcision”, from a literature survey in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization:

Globally, 30% of men are circumcised, mostly for religious reasons. In many African societies, male circumcision is carried out for cultural reasons, particularly as an initiation ritual and a rite of passage into manhood. The procedure herein referred to as traditional male circumcision is usually performed in a non-clinical setting by a traditional provider with no formal medical training. When carried out as a rite of passage into manhood, traditional male circumcision is mainly performed on adolescents or young men. The self-reported prevalence of traditional male circumcision varies greatly between eastern and southern Africa, from 20% in Uganda and southern African countries to more than 80% in Kenya.

The Banana Bunker. On a much lighter topic, a note in Instinct magazine, quoting a piece in Adweek:

Groupon knows social, as you can see with its latest Facebook post of a Banana Bunker — a container for a single banana, which you can absolutely purchase on the Groupon site.


More from Adweek:

Fans are going wild with the clever commentary. And Groupon is responding to every single comment, as innocently as a brand can while discussing what could easily be mistaken for a sex toy. Instead of a Banana Bunker. Because it’s definitely a Banana Bunker.

If you were hoping to buy one, it’s currently sold out. But keep hope alive, reader.

Groin Gazing. And on the Bilerico site, “Behold ‘Groin Gazing,’ a Fashion Spread Starring Boners”, filed by John M. Becker on 3/6/14:

Montreal-based photographer Claire Milbrath has an intensely erotic yet basically-SFW new series of fashion photos featured on the global youth media website It’s not your conventional fashion photo spread, though, in the sense that it doesn’t focus on clothes, hair, or accessories.

Instead, the star of the show is the boner — or rather, the bulge in a guy’s pants when he’s sporting one.

It’s called “Groin Gazing,” and each provocative image features a tight shot of a clothed male model’s crotch. Every subject is visibly aroused. The only clues to the identity of the anonymous models are provided by the objects they’re holding and the setting of the photo.

Two examples: The Boyfriend and The Basketball Player:



Note that the photographer is a woman, so that the piece could have been framed as turning the tables on men, with their “male gaze” objectifying women’s bodies — though apparently it wasn’t.

Groin Gazing is the other side of sporting a Moose Knuckle. From Wikipedia, quoted in an AZBlogX posting on the subject:

Moose Knuckle is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human male’s genitals showing through clothes at the crotch.

Many, many examples on my two blogs, especially from athletes in tight uniforms; see, for example, “Olympic exposure” of 8/8/12. My 3/21/13 posting on actor Jon Hamm and his well-known moose knuckle (accentuated by his going cargo) has an inventory of postings.

Most people seem to find moose knuckles amusing rather than arousing. But there is a question about how many straight women view them (or, more precisely, the penises under display in them) as objects of desire, as some gay men do (for straight men, significant moose knuckles seem to be mostly objects of envy).

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    The first version of this posting had the error groin grazing for groin gazing (spreading the GR forward). It’s been growing on me.

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