Codpieces on Cellblock 13

(Men flaunting their junk, codpieces, prehistoric creatures, superheroes, language play, and more. Use your judgment.)

On the 21st, a posting on Cellblock / CellBlock / Cell Block 13 garments, featuring a young man in a commando harness (plus a jockstrap). Then in yesterday’s mail, a Daily Jocks ad with another remarkable CellBlock 13 costume (plus my caption):

(#1) X-Wing Harness and X-treme Hybrid Short, in red

Vic the Prick, cynosurus,
Caught every eye at the
Reptile Ball.

The clothing. The harness — with X-crossed straps in back — is designed to show off the wearer’s shoulders (in back) and to frame his pecs and abs (in front).

The hybrid shorts — a cross between (nylon/spandex) sport shorts (tightly hugging the wearer’s buttocks in back) and a jockstrap (thrusting his pouch out in front) — are in fact extreme homowear. From the Jockstrap Central description of the garment:

It’s the ultimate short with secret weapon both front and back. Made with a tough by luxuriously smooth skin-tight Nylon/Spandex fabric with lots of stretch. It’s a short with a length ending a few inches above the knee… Secret #1: There’s an opening in the crotch – it’s where the body hugging, cock gripping and detachable Jock Armour Cock Ring sits and attaches to the frame of the jock brief via a series of fasteners. An outer pouch snaps on over the works. Secret #2: There’s a fully functional zipper in the rear – when you’re open for business, simply unsnap the front or unzip the rear or both for full service. At the top is Cellblock 13’s signature one and half inch wide comfort waistband with sports striping and Cellblock 13 logo front and center. Includes two metal rings at the top of the waistband to attach the matching X-treme Hybrid Harness

When the front is snapped up and the back is zipped up, the garment looks like a pair of (skin-tight) cycling shorts / bike shorts, so a guy could in principle go out in them in public (while being always ready to step into private for sexual action in front or back) — well, he could if he was comfortable being out and abroad in a what amounts to a codpiece.

I’ll get back to codpieces in a moment. First, ad copy for the bodywear company, from Daily Jocks:

CellBlock13 is the raunchy big daddy to its founder Timoteo. Created with a unique style for the man that likes to get down and dirty in his underwear choices, you’ll love CellBlock13’s risqué and seductive designs.

Fantasy homowear for Vic.

Codpieces. On this blog, two notable postings (both with illustrations):

on 4/17/11, “Bulges”

on 11/17/15, “Alaskan cod-pieces”: The codpiece is cousin to the jockstrap, the thong, and pouch-enhancing underwear — all clothing focusing on a man’s package (and so related to the lack of underwear in the practice of freeballing, aka going commando, which encourages the development of visible packages: moose knuckles).

Add to this the celebration of Batman and Robin’s packages in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin:

(#2) George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell in B&R costume

Clooney and O’Donnell are both wonderfully amiable and sexy men (for an appreciation of O’Donnell, see this posting), but they’re wasted in this movie (as are others, in particular Uma Thurman, playing one of the menagerie of villains, Poison Ivy), which attempted to be kid-friendly by reverting to the over-the-top jokey style of the old Batman tv series.

The caption. My caption for #1 introduces the noun cynosurus, a portmanteau of two remarkable words, cynosure and cynosaurus — the first notable because of its etymology, the second notable because of the prehistoric creature to which it refers.

On the noun cynosure , from NOAD2:

a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration: the Queen was the cynosure of all eyes. ORIGIN late 16th century: from French, or from Latin cynosura, from Greek kunosoura ‘dog’s tail’ (also ‘Ursa Minor’), from kuōn, kun– ‘dog’ + oura ‘tail.’ The term originally denoted the constellation Ursa Minor, or the star Polaris that it contains, long used as a guide by navigators.

(I suppose you could see Vic’s package in #1 as the embodiment of a dog’s tail or a little bear.)

As for Cynosaurus (‘dog lizard’), it’s is an extinct genus of mammal-like reptiles, known from fossils in South Africa. Some closely related creatures:


(Pronunciation note: both cynosure and cynosaurus are pronounced with initial /s/ in English. It’s canine with a /k/, but cynic — yet another ‘dog’ word etymologically — with an /s/.)

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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    Ocean activists are going to try to interdict the Grand Banks.
    It’ll be called Operation Codpeace.

    So that’s where the word “cynosure” came from. It’s really a bear’s tail!

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