Annals of phallicity: the drill crotch

From the sub-annals of Unintended Phallicity, this photo on the front page of the July 25th Fort Collins Coloradoan, cropped down a bit here:

 Eli Gallegos, an electrician with Loveland-based Gregory Electric, installs an outlet box as construction continues Thursday on the Colorado State University Powerhouse Energy Institute in Old Town Fort Collins. / V. Richard Haro/The Coloradoan

From Andy Sleeper, who sent me the photo:

I had to ask whether I am the only one in Fort Collins to see what I see in the composition of this picture. Do they have editors at that paper??

Of course they do. But most people viewing photographs tend not to focus on people’s crotches, so it would be easy not to notice the phallic drill, even though it’s a big one.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Arne Adolfsen on Facebook:

    Something similar happened with a viewbook at USC in the late 1980s. On the page where the dean of whatever school had his short rah-rah about the school and why *you* should want to join the fun there was one of those standard posed-relaxed photos of the dean in his office with his bookshelves behind him. The editor confessed to me that she’d chosen the photo from a contact sheet and hadn’t noticed until it was too late and the viewbook was on press, but there on a shelf and in three-quarter profile was an African fertility statue with a ginormous erect penis pointed directly at the dean’s ear.

  2. Bob Richmond Says:

    An old standard from the Corpus Limericum:

    There once was a lady of Eale,
    who was almost unable to feel.
    To give her a thrill
    took a rotary drill,
    with a number 9 emery wheel.

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