On the Weiner watch

Commenting on Facebook on my Anthony Weiner posting of yesterday, Dennis Lewis alerts me to the gay porn parody flick Anthony’s Weener (Jet Set Men, 2011). I suppose it was inevitable.

The front cover of the DVD, cropped so as to remove Anthony’s wiener; the full X version will appear in a posting on AXBlogX:

Brian Moylan on Gawker, 10/7/11, “Anthony Weiner Gets the Gay Porn Parody He Deserves”:

Jet Set Studios, the gay porn company behind such comedic gems as Getting Levi’s Johnson and To Fuck a Predator, has just released Anthony’s Weener. It’s the story of what happens when a gay Congressman accidentally tweets a picture of his penis. Don’t worry, the trailer above is safe(ish) for work.

It has everything: drama, intrigue, politics, abs, jokes about politicians who turn out to be gay, a sweet message about marriage equality, 10-inch cocks, and the Boehner joke you always wanted to make. What’s not to love? And because I know you people are perverted enough to watch it but too lazy to find it on your own, you can watch the hardcore version here. Just, you know, don’t send around pictures of yourself watching it.

The synopsis of the plot:

Anthony’s Weener is the most anticipated gay adult parody of the year! It stars Lucky Daniels as Congressman Wheiner [Weiner], Angel Rock as right wing blogger Andrew Breitpart [Breitbart], Ricky Sinz as Speaker Bohner [Boehner] and Marc Dylan as Senator David Litter [Vitter]. Co-starring Jacob Durham, Jackson Klein, A.J. Monroe, Cameron Foster and Trevor Knight as former Senator Harry Craig [Larry Craig, of “wide stance” fame], Anthony’s Weener is sure to rock the halls of Capitol Hill.

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