Easter Fool’s

That would be today, simultaneously April Fool’s Day and Easter Sunday. Celebrations for both are in progress.

For April Fool’s Day, a TitanMen ad offers, unaccountably to my mind, sale prices on gay porn flicks like Dick Danger 2; on that flick, see my 3/9/18 posting “The further adventures of Dick Danger”; for the sale ad, see #1 in today’s AZBlogX posting “For Easter Fool’s Day”. (Could it be that the TitanMen 35%-off sale is a joke?)

Then some food pranks for the holiday, to add to those in my 4/1 14 posting “April 1”.

As for Easter, I’ve prepared a dinner table of mostly X-rated paschal images in my AZBlogX posting, sumarized below.

Food pranks for April 1st. From the Telegraph (UK) today, in a list of 2018 April Fool’s Day pranks around the world:

Burger King:

It’s Easter, so of course chocolate needs to be on everything. Burger King certainly think so, creating its first Chocolate Whooper.

The fast food chain got into the spirit early this year, posting a video on Friday announcing the release of a dessert version of its signature Whopper burger. “Coming soon to your local Burger King. maybe,” it teased.

According to the video, the Chocolate Whopper includes a chocolate cake bun, a “flame-grilled chocolate patty,” raspberry syrup instead of ketchup, white chocolate rings that resemble onions, candied blood oranges rather than tomatoes, milk chocolate “leaves” of lettuce and vanilla frosting “mayo”.


Coca-Cola is reportedly launching three news flavours for the “Instagram generation”: avocado, sourdough and charcoal.

The company said research showed their new flavours were among the most favoured by the “brunch-loving, superfood-snacking millenial”, the Sunday Mirror reports.

Coca-Cola said in a statement to the newspaper: “Not only do they promise to be the perfect tasty, sugar-free refreshment, but they’ll also double-up as the ideal accessory for any brunch time social media photo – guaranteed to see the ‘likes’ rolling in.”

Easter gay play on the X blog. Items #2-6 there:

#2: fratboys coloring eggs for Easter (from Fratpad at JustUsBoys) — their eggs ‘balls, testicles’

#3: a completed project, a pair of gaily colored eggs

#4: on the idiom fuck like bunnies, a pair of gay bunnies fucking, in a homoerotic cartoon by Spanish graphic artic Ismael Alvarez

#5: from a Gay Room video “SomeBunny Loves You”, cute Casey Everett fucked both like and as a bunny (he’s in bunny costume), by rough Lex Ryan and also (not shown there) by a carrot dildo (the carrot as phallic symbol)

#6: a leather bunny top, armed with carrots — proof that not all bunnies are cute


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