The further adventures of Dick Danger

(About two gay porn flicks from TitanMen, with over-the-top ad copy in street language mixed with arch double entendres. Plus hairy beefy musclehunks just short of the X-line. Not for kids or the sexually modest.)

It starts with an ad today for an upcoming mansexfest (to be released on April 16th):


The ad copy for DD2 (there’s no danger like dick danger):

Do you like danger? Dick Danger? You can never keep a good dick down [allusion to get it up], and as corruption envelops the Hollywood Hills once again, a hardened [hard (on)] man comes [come] to the rescue. Join TitanMen exclusives Liam Knox and Hunter Marx as they go undercover [both incognito and under the sheets] in Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick!

Tristan Jaxx has a hard drive that Adam Ramzi needs. They quickly reach an agreement to please both parties, swapping oral info before Tristan takes his payment. [hard drive, oral info]

Fresh out of the slammer, Hunter Marx is sent on a mission to please agent Hans Berlin after a deal goes south – taking the big German sausage up both his fuzzy holes in a flip fuck. [sausage, holes — and then flip fuck]

Suspicious of each other, Liam Knox and Adam Ramzi text about their oral exploits – Liam with Micah Brandt, Adam with Derek Maxum – before stroking out their own loads. [oral exploits, but then stroking, loads]

Dick always comes out on top – but Liam Knox can’t resist bending over for tall Dakota Rivers, who shows how he always has his bud’s back. [top, bend over, arch use of have s.o.’s back — all allusions to fucking]

The first DD outing (released 1/19/14), with ad copy:

(#2) He pulls it (off), but you get the shaft

BOING! WACK! POP! His name’s Danger, but you can call him Dick. And Dick always gets his man. Join TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman and Hunter Marx as they chase buff bad guys and please horny henchmen in a colorful ode to comic book cock. Tattooed muscle man Rogan Richards uses willing goon Jesse Jackman to let out his aggression, fucking both of the massive man’s holes with force. Interrogator Hunter Marx finds a way to loosen both sets of lips [ooh – both sets of lips] on uncooperative informant Jake Genesis, the two sharing a heated exchange exploding with chemistry. Horny hero Tom Wolfe pulls off the double cross with point man Scott Hunter, who is happy to celebrate by pleasing his boss.

Hard-core playfulness with comic book dicks ‘private detectives, private eyes’ and a parodic allusion to “The Further Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye” (from Firesign Theatre’s How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You’re Not Anywhere at All (1969)), which is itself a parody of hard-boiled dicks on the Sam Spade model. On Nick Danger, see my 4/29/13 posting “Nick Danger: an appreciation”.

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