On the Slugwatch

That’s Sammy the Slug, the UC Santa Cruz mascot, as appreciated by anthropologist Jerry Zee, who writes on Facebook (text lightly edited):

I made a website and love letter to my first two quarters at this magical place, Santa Cruz. For Santa Cruz folks, if you see more Sammys – and they are hidden in plain sight all through Santa Cruz and beyond – please send to them to me so I can feature them on the SlugWatch!

SlugWatch: A multispecies anthropological archive of Santa Cruz’s favorite anthropomorphic slug

At the top, the university’s official version:


(Note the snarky nod to the canon of dead white guys (Plato) and the mocking Latin motto Fiat Slug ‘Let there be a slug’.)

Slugs, especially banana slugs, are phallic symbols. For discussion of their phallicity, and more on banana slugs at UCSC, see these postings:

from 8/5/12, “Snakes, worms, fish, clams, slugs”

from 8/11/12, “Annals of phallicity: Wienermobile, banana slug split”

Banana slugs are hermaphroditic, and their mating often involves mutual exchange of sperm: yes, they can fuck each other, simultaneously. Two of them about to mate:


For the rest of us: in your dreams, buddy.

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