Dancer faces

(About dance rather than language.)

After some time away from dancers, I returned earlier today with Israeli dancer Yoav Bosidan, and then Mike McKinley went on a run through several Ballet Boys, two of them projecting intense emotions through facial expressions: cheeky Alexander Fost and smouldering Ransom Wilkes-Davis (both Americans). He followed that up with the charming Emanuel Abruzzo (an Argentine dancer of presumably Italian, specifically Abruzzese, descent).

Fost and Wilkes-Davis:

(#1) Fost dances with the Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre in Burbank CA, and was a finalist in the 8th season of Fox tv’s So You Think You Can Dance

(#2) Wilkes-Davis dances with the Milwaukee Ballet

Fost x6 in a bit of carefully designed photograhy:


Fost is an enthusiast for reaching people through dance in a variety of ways.

Wilkes-Davis (with a military father) grew up in places around the world and also comes from a dance-oriented family. From a 8/11/12 posting by Bonnie Boiter-Jolley about his older brother Journy:

Twenty-three year-old Journy Wilkes-Davis comes from a tight knit, supportive family of seven. The Columbia City Ballet dancer says that though his parents have always been “extremely supportive” of his dance career, they are also his biggest critics – something he is grateful for. It is no surprise that this combination of support and criticism have led Wilkes-Davis to constantly pursue the perfection of his craft. He credits his family with helping him to “see the bright side,” and to guide him through his most difficult decisions.

The eldest of five children, Texas born Wilkes-Davis leads a parade of performers, comprised of siblings Saif, Ransom, Vision, and Nations. Like their older brother, the four are each artistically gifted, specifically in dance, and have all been homeschooled by the equally talented matriarch, Milla Wilkes-Davis, a piano teacher and ballet costumer.

Then Abruzzo, in a nice p.r. shot:

(#4) Abruzzo dances with the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires

And in two mid-air leaps:



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