Language of sex

language of sex

LLog, AZBlog, and AZBlogX on vocabulary in the domains of sexuality, sexual roles, and sexual identities; sexual practices and devices; and sexualized clothing

postings on sex positions in a separate Page:


AZ, 3/19/05: Tidy-whiteys:

AZ, 3/20/05: Tighty-whities: the semantics:

AZ, 3/27/05: Underwear sociolinguistics:
(with explicit reference to Gayworld (Gayland))

AZ, 12/3/06: Does anybody have a word for this? We do now.:
come face, O face; come vs. cum

9/23/09: Lifting shirts:

Lifting shirts

(with explicit reference to Gayland) to shirt-lift

9/27/09: Swish exhibitionism:

Swish Exhibitionism

Swish Embassy t-shirts

9/27/09: More sexual back-formation:

More sexual back-formations

to cock-suck and others

10/1/09: Sexual lexicography:

Sexual lexicography

link to Sheidlower on challenges and pleasures of putting sexual vocabulary in the dictionary

11/9/09: pants-lower:


11/27/09: Hybrid underwear:

Hybrid underwear

boxer briefs, etc.

1/26/10: What’s P YOUR N?:
Fleshjack gay sex toy

4/29/10: What IS that garment?:

What IS that garment?

Cactus Swim Brief



Facebook note 5/3/10: Posted on my blog recently, What IS that garment? and DEFINE “SCRIMMAGE T-SHIRT”, with links to a bunch of earlier postings on words and things, and on ordinary vs. technical language, in the domain of clothing, esp. underwear, and with lots of gay (male) commentary from me, esp. on the construction of a fantasy Gayland.

5/8/10: 69:


12/6/10: Possibly unfortunate names:
snake ‘penis’; pink taco ‘vagina’; tube steak

1/17/10: A note on gay for pay:

1/31/11: Labels: homosexual:

Labels: homosexual

2/2/11: No word for X:

No word for X

gay for pay etc.

2/11/11: SemFest 12!:

SemFest 12!

labels in the domain of sexuality etc.

3/16/11: spunk:
spunk ‘pluck’ and ‘semen’

4/26/11: Argument structure in porn:
shoot/cream/cum/breed/seed s.o.’s ass

5/31/11: Deshagged:
shag ‘fuck’ (noun and verb)

11/15/11: Annals of anatomical vocabulary:
the inguinal crease and its many synonyms; treasure trail and its synonyms

1/30/12: erection enhancer:
cock rings etc.

5/19/12: Annals of garment phallicity:

Annals of garment phallicity

penis images and sexual taboo vocabulary on clothing

6/4/12: Sexual slang:
ta-tas, ni-nis, miss pretty, and whoopie spot

7/6/12: flashing:
flash, flasher, flashing

2/18/13: Commercial categories: gay sex toys:
gay sex toys of all sorts; sounding; puppy play / dog training; pony play

2/18/13: dong:
replica of a penis for anal sex; dong ‘penis’

2/19/13: wank:
masturbation adjuncts; the noun and verb wank

2/25/13: Fetish/kink porn:
impact play (and much else)

3/7/13: cock tease:
cock tease (shots)

3/8/13: edging:
edging (and synonyms)

3/10/13: More sexual terminology:
creampie, bareback, breed and seed, bukkake

3/26/13: The masochism spectrum:
maschochistic practices; fisting; pegging

3/28/13: Toy With Me:
sex toy porn video with this title

3/29/13: Massage Bait:
videos for seducing straight men

3/29/13: Toys and massage on AZBlogX:
links to AXBlogX on sex toy porn, on massage for seducing straight men

3/31/2013: Threesomes and more:
spitroasting, fuck chain or fuck sandwich (or Lucky Pierre), suck chain or suck sandwich (or daisy chain), rim chain, jack-off chain, double penetration, 369, reach-around (fuck), rim 69

4/1/13: Easter threesomes:
exx.: fuck sandwich, spitroasting (or sucks-fucked); fucked-sucked, dick sharing

4/6/13: Manpiles:
exx.: 369, spitroasting, double-sucking, various chains (including come chain), bukkake (or gang come), piss bukkake, gang scenes (gang bang, gang suck, gang jack-off), group scenes (circle jerk, group piss); orgies

4/16/13: Initialistic ambiguity:
CBT (cock and ball torture) and associated devices

4/16/13: Two images:
exx.: spitroasting, CBT

4/16/13: Yet another synthetic compound / back-formation:
verb spit-roast

5/27/13: raw sex:
bareback, bare, raw, raw sex

6/7/13: tapping:

6/25/13: Stimulating and desensitizing:
lubes, some designed to provide stimulation or desensitization

7/9/13: Sexual lexical semantics:
proverbial similes: fuck like a mink etc.; participant roles for fuck

7/19/13: Cum play:
snowballing, gokkun illustrated

7/26/13: ‘male anus viewed as a sexual organ’:
man pussy, boy pussy, man cunt, boy cunt, man hole, boy hole; fuckhole

8/5/13: Couples, rear views:
On AZBlogX: couples, rear views:
asscleft, intergluteal cleft, crena (intergluteal and intracrural frottage)

8/23/13: Given over to desire:
be in heat, in rut, etc.

9/28/13: X-job:
anilingus / analingus, rim job, blow job, hand job, synonyms for these, and other X job sexual terms

9/29/13: Folsom Street Fair:
the fair and practices there

9/30/13: Up Your Alley:
Dore Alley Fair; practices there, including BDSM

10/7/13: Puppy play:

6/9/14: Parts of the body: the handout:

6/13/14: DILF days:
DILF (and MILF), daddy-boy

7/14/14: The animal report:

8/25/14: Cowboy Rub:
sexual senses of rub

8/26/14: cranking:
the practice of (sexual) cranking

9/10/14: Fap!:

9/16/14: How do you spell /fæp/?:

9/10/14: Further annals of sexual slang:
cum play: snowballing (cum sharing), gokkun (cum drinking); creampie, felching, sloppy seconds. Also fap(p), fappening

9/11/14: More sexual fapp, plus shlick:
fap(p), shlick

10/10/14: Double-sucking:

10/11/14: The language of sex and sexuality:
on the previous

10/11/14: Up with the anus:
anal play by straight people

10/11/14: Flashers abroad:
to flash, to pleasure

10/12/14: Clipped musculature:
abs, pecs, glutes, delts, traps

10/13/14: traps:
trapezius muscles; somatotypes, personas, sociotypes

11/27/14: Ask AMZ: two queries:
#2 gangbang vs. gangbanger

12/8/14: inversion:
invert, inversion; bull dyke, nelly queen

12/29/14: Santa jack:
the verb come; jack off and related language

1/20/15: Once –tastic, now –astic:
bangtastic, fucktastic

1/25/15: Exemplary twink:
Daddy-Boy roles/relationships, twinks

2/6/15: Another kind of nose job:
Zippy with sexual sense of nose job; glory holes; X jobs

2/11/15: This week’s bizarre sex act:
“the Zwicky” in Urban Dictionary

3/8/15: Bromancing the bone:
brolovers; batebuds ‘buddies in masturbation’

4/6/15: Cumshots and cumfaces:

4/6/15: Dirk Caber:
pornstar Dirk Caber

4/20/15: On the double entendre watch:
to pound, to pull (off), to rub

4/24/15: Cluster Fucked:
clusterfuck / cluster fuck

5/3/15: shag:
shag ‘fuck’ (noun and verb)

5/15/15: Questionnaire issues again:
(FDA) “have sexual contact with” another man

6/16/15: Wrapped for June:
bottom Kyle Kash in porn

6/21/15: My hard-on belongs to Daddy:
daddy – boy relationships; sugar daddies; Daddy It Hurts!; “My Heart Belongs to Daddy”

6/26/15: Happy Ending:

7/2/15: Briefly: A catamitic misreading:

7/2/15: Initialisms, raunchy and not:
B.J. for blowjob

7/5/15: Blowjob, handjob:
hanky code

7/6/15: AZBlogX: offers of the body:
offers of the body for anal intercourse between gay men

8/12/15: Tearooms and their features:
Vocabulary for talking about tearooms: glory hole, subpartition sex, “sticking it under”, “sticking it through”, vocabulary for group sex involving gay men

9/7/15: Three morning names:
sex sling/swing

9/8/15: Go for the nuts!:
playing with testicles

9/23/15: Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex:
gay tits; titpig; titplay

10/9/15: Two New Yorker cartoons:
get laid

☛ 10/10/15: Annals of phallicity: nozzles (and glycerin, lubes, and posing oils):

10/18/15: Morning, monotreme, marsupial:

10/19/15: Rafe on display:
get stuffed; fuckpig

10/25/15: Sunday penis notes: #3 phallic food:
phallic food (several senses); eat dick

11/4/15: Bullshido, bullshtein, and cork soakers:
suck cock, 69

11/10/15: fancy bottoms:
ambiguity of bottom

11/17/15: Cockfest #1: the basic offer:

11/17/15: Cockfest #3: Josman boy on boy:

1/17/15: Cockfest #4: penis-to-penis:
swordplay, cockversation

11/17/15: Cockfest #5: cum guzzling:
cum play, cum guzzling

11/23/15: Penises, poppers, and piercings:
cock rings, poppers, male genital piercings

11/25/15: An underwear Thanksgiving:
the hanky code

12/8/15: Anderson Cooper as a silver wolverine Animorph:
cougar, gay cougar (Pink Penguin, gougar, wolverine), Daddy – Boy, DILF

12/9/15: Top in sheer stockings:
fetishes: foot fetish, fetish for sheer stockings and tights

12/10/15: The black gangbang fantay:
gangbang (gang, target), bukkake

12/12/15: Sex between straight men: bro-jobs:
bro-jobs, bromancing the bone, brolovers

12/16/15: Go H+A+R+D:
master-slave, slave collar, BDSM, dominance and submission

12/18/15: mandingo party:
mandingo party, bull, cuck

☛ 12/22/15: Bundling and the penile raphe:
DILF, X pig, spit roasting

12/24/15: More harnesses:
shoulder/holster harness, Y harness, chaps, bondage/gimp suit

12/25/15: Pockets in his trunks:
hanky codes

12/25/15: More Damien Crosse:
piss play, cum facials

12/27/15: Darius Ferdynand:
body types; bear, twink; spitroasting

12/29/15: boxboys and transitve bottoming:
various senses of box boy; bottom used as a transitive verb; bottom boy; various senses of b-boy; butt boy

12/31/15: Morning name: Baskit:
hanky code

12/31/15: The Crew with packages and boxes:

1/1/16: Holiday images:
vocabulary for BDSM practices

1/4/16: Urinating superheroes:
tearooms and tearoom sex

1/10/16: Get Sporty:
rough trade

1/14/16: Kike Sorroche, ilustradad homoerótico:
analingus / ass-licking / rimming; Spanish vocabulary for various gay sex practices

1/16/16: Yaoi goes to high school:
top/bottom and similar roles is gay sex, seme/uke in gay manga

1/20/16: butt/booty, dial/call:
booty call

1/20/16: From Yoasobi News:
t-rooms, glory holes

1/24/16: Sporty pro:
male hustling vocabular: pro, hustler

1/28/16: Lower bangs higher:
language during sexual encounters

1/29/16: aussieBum, Shearing the Rams, and Slim Dusty:
bum, arse, etc.; verbings of them

1/30/16: Freezing eggs?:
IVF, freezing eggs

1/31/16: Toys for Twisted Boys:
OxBalls toys: cockrings, cock cages, buttplugs, dildos, anal probes; cocksleeves, shaftrings

1/31/16: Cuise Jogger:
shirt-lifting displays in underwear ads

2/2/16: A visit with Colby Keller:
pornstar Keller’s passion for fucking (in either role): anal as a sexuality

2/6/16: The Super Bowl looms:
items: gangbang, gaybang, bangers, target; penetrate, backside; edging; pegging; poz; bareback, raw, to breed

2/9/16: Morning names: wiles, Wiles:
gay pornstar Kevin Wiles and movies he’s been in; porn personas; positions for fucking; tops and bottoms; power bottoms; butt displays and body positioning in publicity for porn; being someone’s bitch; conversion of the reluctant bottom; ritual recitation of formulas during sex; ubercocksuckers, uberbottoms; dirty talk and degrading talk during sex; man-man sex configured as a contest

2/12/16: Sex positions for gay men:
link to new “Sex positions” Page; 7 families of sex positions, with alternative names, including a set of Latin-derived terms

2/18/16: Ben, advertising:
Greek receptive, French passive; power bottom, dildo dick, cum load

2/22/16: The pronoun strip:
pro ‘prostitute’

2/25/16: a katakana para:
flute and drumstick as phallic symbols; play the flute ‘fellate’; drum as vaginal and anal symbol; play using sexual sense of come

3/3/16: Sex positions in action:
metaphor in doggie(-style), metaphorical ride, mount; fuck sandwich, 369, spitroast+ as names of three-man acts; names of positions in mansex

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom:
uberbottoms, in gay porn and real life; fucktop, pisstop, fuckbottom, pissbottom, pisspig; gangbangs and their stages; frankly gay; twink, muscle twink, muscle boy

3/22/16: Annals of dubious commercial names:
Hand Job nails and spa in the Castro in SF; reference to Gun Oil, foot fetish

3/22/16: The dubious commercial names files:
muff diving, eat it/me

3/31/16: A kitten-killing God?:

4/10/16: Magnitide boys:

4/13/16: nookie:
‘sexual intercourse’

4/15/16: Ganymede on the fly:
pederasty, pederast, catamite

4/17/16: Another winged man:
sexual practices in extreme leather/fetish land

4/18/16: 70s Cleaverwear:
overtly phallic pants

4/19/16: Briefly: bloodletting:
sexual practice: penile bloodletting

4/22/16: Morning name: ivermectin:
public knowledge but sexual secrecy

4/22/16: More on open secrecy:

4/30/16: The masturbation sleeve:
masturbatory devices: Fleshjack, Accujac, Robojac, Venus for Men

5/2/16: Where is he now?:

5/6/16: paying for it:
language of prostitution; john

5/8/16: Shirtlifter:
label shirtlifter

5/13/16: stroke:
stroke ‘masturbate, wank, jack off’; stroking toy, cock stroker

5/14/16: Ed Fisher across the Atlantic:

5/16/16: Two Monday language cartoons:
pitch a tent

5/22/16: Male art: two views:
various items: homosexual, gay, queer, camp, homophobia, etc.

5/27/16: Morning spunk: same word, different word:
spunk ‘semen, seminal fluid’

6/12/16: Rainbows and b8r bait:
clippings bate and bator

6/17/16: Pleasures of patriotic penetration:
sex toys: dildos and vibrators (in flag colors)

7/22/16: queer:
queer ‘gay’ and ‘genderqueer’

7/30/16: Extraction and insertion:
top Rocco Steele, bottom Micah Brandt

8/1/16: The forest of dildos:
pornstar dildos and dildos in various colors

8/2/16: The dildo days of summer:
discussion for “The forest of dildos”

9/1/16: Alphabet soup:
Bizarro on the alphabet soup of sexual orientation

9/9/16: Julian and Sandy:
Polari as a secret (or sometimes, flamboyant) gay slang

9/22/16: Bare bear poets in the youth:
language of buggery

10/7/16: Barebackula:
bareback sex

10/9/16: Brief noted: ribbed, for her pleasure:
textured condoms

10/13/16: bromosexual:
three senses of the label

10/15/16: Zippy goes out to catch a bite:

10/17/16: Workin’ blue at the car wash:
hand job, car job, blue

10/21/16: Another Spanish lesson:

10/23/16: Last of the Collageuins:
oppositions related to masculine vs. feminine

10/25/16: tail in the air:
figurative language based on getting fucked from behind

10/29/16: Montage montage:
French pédé, monter, giton; pédé comme un phoque, gay as a goose

11/5/16: Playing with fire:
gay sex toys

11/8/16: News for animated penises:
sausage party etc.

11/14/16: Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy:
iron ‘penis’

11/18/16: The news for cigars:
capnolagni and other -lagnia words; smoke ‘fellate’ and its syntax

11/22/16: Poised to prong, psyched to suck:
flip fuck, podophilia / foot fetishism; invented terms tipping, gearing-up for approaches to cocksucking in gay porn publicity

11/27/16: Face work:
(cum) facials and the Ns and Vs associated with them

11/29/16: Sperm, sperm, wonderful sperm, and all that jizz:
seminal-ejaculatory sperm and jizz; SquirtJet word spew

11/30/16: One more SquirtJet item:
seminal-ejaculatory spray; spray and pray in a number of senses; spray and play, party and play, pull(, spray) and pray, SquirtJet item skeet

12/1/16: From the stage directions for two holiday productions:
come, cum, shoot, spitroast, symbolic dum and flute

12/14/16: Crotch news bulletins:
baculum / penis bone; premature ejaculation

12/21/16: The advancing horde of shelf eves:
glory holes, blow jobs

12/23/16: Mac Daddy Santa:
mack, mac ‘pimp’; mack daddy

12/28/16: “an infamous pincher of ladies’ bottoms”:
bottom-pinching and other physical impositions and physical displays

1/4/17: Jazzball:
jizz + X compounds

1/22/17: Poppin’ Fresh in a pink dress:
syntax of eat and suck; cross-dressing

1/24/17: A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room:
seminal-ejaculatory sperm; flex one’s penis; coining basal ‘being a bottom’

1/27/17: A kiss is just a kiss:
same-sex kisses, MSMs

1/28/17: Joe Gage:
watersports, MSMs

1/31/17: fudge</strong:
coprophagy, butt-fucking

2/7/17: Saint George, patron saint of parks at night:
go down on, religious symbolism of mansex, religious texts and the verbal rituals of mansex, sex talk / dirty talk in porn

2/9/17: ReFo and K-Man:
eat meat

2/13/17: VDay hands in pants:
hands in pants gesture

2/13/17: VDay kiss-in:
same-sex kissing; hanky code

2/14/17: Sex and smiles for VDay:
cocksman and cocksucker; smiling with the eyes; puns on hard-on

2/14/17: One more VDay posting:
straight guys doing gay sex

2/17/17: Felix d’Eon: art normalizing gay:
normal, normalize

2/18/17: Stud Finder:
stud</em.; sex acts, sex roles

2/20/17: Double your pleasure:
double penetration, out-facing sit-fuck

2/25/17: Displaying your nipples:
nipple play; nipple pig / nippig / titpig

3/11/17: News for penises: a friend request:
dildo, peter

3/11/17: Ejaculatory pop:
ejaculatory pop, verb and noun

3/14/17: Five tv hunks:
morning wood

3/19/19: Sexting with emoj:
emoji for various sexual acts, top and bottom, etc.

3/20/17: Save a horse, ride a cowboy:
sex positions: Cowgirl, Cowboy

3/22/17: The news for beavers:
language of cunnilingus

3/24/17: The invention of the X job:
rub job (of several kinds), hand job, blow job, rim job, fist job; mutual masturbation; fisting; names for participants in various sex acts

3/26/17: On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll:
gigolos, prostitutes, stud hustlers, and related vocabulary

3/29/17: Three:
threesomes of various kinds, three-ways

4/4/17: Quick, Bruce, the blat!:
dense double entendres

4/8/17: snatch:
snatch ‘vagina’ and related senses

4/9/17: The trophy boys park the beef bus in tuches town:
beef ‘penis’; tuches ‘buttocks, anus’; trophy boy

4/10/17: The news for penises: Wanksy:

4/15/17: The maiden, the monster, and the hero:

4/16/27: Out gay male bands:
power bottom, fuck like bunnies, rough trade

4/21/17: rest stop:
t-rooms, mansex at rest stops

4/28/17: Faces follow-up 1: Master Beckford:
color associations to sexual desire, genders, sexuality

5/7/17: Words, words, words:
refractory period

5/13/17: Months and days:

5/14/17: Fags Before Flags, and other in-your-face t-shirts:
cock holster, bukkake

5/20/17: Brainless Tales, with more news for penises:
verb pork

5/26/17: Non-standard sex talk:
pounded ‘fucked’; boy to bottom man

5/27/17: Rodeos and sword dances:
swordplay / swordfights / ?sword dances

5/31/17: The eve of Pride Month:
sex toys: dildos, cock rings, leashes, dick/cock slings/cages; glow-in-the-dark toys

6/2/17: Pride Time #1: The pink and the purple:
pink and purple as gay colors; pansy referring to a gay man

6/6/17: Distracting moments in gay male erotica:
barebacking, twinks

6/12/17: Anniversaries: 50, 55, and more:
masturbating another person; kissing

6/13/17: Poems about sluts:
slut, cockslut, uberbottom, ubercocksucker

6/25/17: The feast day of Saint George of the Beverly Tearoom:
tearoom sex, go down

6/28/17: More Magrittean disavowals:
three-word expressions in mansex talk

7/2/17: The patriotic fig leaf:
cum rag and its variants

7/29/17: Christian Sauce:
sauce ‘semen’

8/5/17: The clean-gasm:
book Wordgasm of quotes on seduction

8/8/17: The taunt:
prostitution and its prices; verbs do, blow

8/15/17: July 24th, p. 9: two artists:
the sexual verb slam ‘fuck’

8/17/17: August 21st: two cartoons:
#4 female masturbation

8/19/17: An urban jungle:
cruising (in parks); “fruited plain” for cruising areas

8/25/17: Revisiting 3: dirty dogs:
suggestive: hot, dog, pull, wrap, pork, stuff, Greek, cheese, sloppy

8/28/17: The cop and the gunner’s mate:
pig, backroom bar, flit, backdoor

9/28/17: Cartoon corgi in love:
in heat, lordosis

10/1/17: Ecstasy:
sexual ecstasy, ubercocksucker, uberbottom, neotantra

10/12/17: Pizza Boy outtakes:
sexual slang canyon yodeling; non-standard syntax of underwear as PL C noun

10/12/17: The pizza boy as cultural figure:
spitroast in #11, inventions crostini carnali, carnostalini for ‘pizza boys’; assortment of terminology in note 4: pie, piece, piece of meat, piece of ass

10/13/17:Swords up on Friday the 13th:
idiom get lucky

11/22/17: Mens Room Sausage:
plays with pig, pork, sausage; and the allusion to mensrooms

11/24/17: BF pornopaloozas:
transverse fellatio (playing the transverse flute); outward-facing sit-fucks; trans and cis; metoidioplasty

11/25/17: Pillowtalk:

12/15/17: Xmas follies 2017: the music:
ho ‘whore, prostitute’; doll ‘woman’; get s.o. in the sack ‘bed s.o., have sex with s.o.’

12/18/17: Adventures in buggery and beanbags:
cornhole, corncob ‘to bugger’

12/23/17: they kitch-kissed again:

12/31/17: News for penguins, penises, and Totoro:
gangsuck, edging

1/11/18: Electric underwear:
Breedwell company; breed referring to man-on-man bareback anal intercourse

1/24/18: This week’s stellar typo:
liquid pearls ‘semen’

2/13/18: Up in every way:
“vulgar slang” get it up

2/20/18: Butch homowear news for dogs:
slang dog ‘sexually promiscuus man or woman’

2/28/18: Ballet Down the Highway:
nouns and verbs highball and ball, including sexual slang ball

3/5/18: Fingering:
finger sucking, finger fucking

3/5/18: fingerwork:
finger sucking, finger fucking

3/8/18: lubricity:
verbs jack, bang, cum towel, lubes

3/9/18: The further adventures of Dick Danger:
sexual vocabulary (dick, flip fuck, etc.) and lots of double entendres

3/12/18: Shirtlessness and more: Bouguereau and Sargent:
bugger, sodomite in anal intercourse

3/15/18: It’s hard, ain’t it hard:
hard ‘erect’ (in sexual arousal)

3/15/18: Cumshots from muscle daddies:
cum shot / cumshot, muscle daddy

3/16/18: Extended 69:
variants of 69 and names for these acts

3/17/18: Manly St. Patrick:
rimming, golden showers

3/19/18: I was a cock-teaser for Roosterama!:
cock-teasing in several senses

3/21/18: nameless sodomites:
much about sodomy and sodomites

4/1/18: Easter Fool’s:
fuck like bunnies

4/9/18: The gay world of Yvon Goulet:
competitive seduction; queen; lunch ‘fellatio’

4/10/18: Two cartoons from friends:
to fist ‘to fist-fuck’, ‘to masturbate’

4/11/18: On the fisting patrol:

4/12/18: Fisto:
fisting; sex slings

4/18/18: limbo dancers:
sticking it under; subpartition sex / understall play

4/19/18: Erective affinities:
flip-fuck; adjective erective; fuck-buddies

5/4/18: Stuff your furry fried:
metaphorical penetration verb stuff

5/5/18: Lusty days:
lusty combining ‘vigorous’ and ‘sexed up’

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:
various uses of daddy

5/17/18: Deshagged and pedicured:
shag, pedicate, pedicator, pedicant; reclamation of terms; borrowing of terms referring to women to those referring to gay men

5/20/18: Blue light special:
barebacking, breed, seed

5/24/18: Crude japery:
bone, roll, cream and more

5/24/18: Syntactic phrase, compound word, portmanteau:
male anus as sexual organ

5/30/18>: Punks:

6/2/18: Annals of gangbanging: Anonymous in Brooklyn:
cumdump, breed

6/3/18: The rose and the flames:
lesbian porn flick Flaming Tongues as allusion to cunnilingus

6/4/18: Again withthe nose job:
nose job, nocturnal emission, wet dream

6/8/18: The possessed and the damned gather over cheese dip:
invented sexual slang dip into s.o.’s chafing dish

6/10/18: Rainbow moments:
rainbow cock rings

6/15/18: Background foods and food discoveries:
vaginal coney/cony/cunny

6/17/18: Muscle daddies for Fathers Day:
body types, roles in sex

7/7/18: Following instructions:
copulatory verb cover

7/10/18: What did the Cretan bull say to Hercules when the hero tamed him?:
Greek for reference to anal sex

7/22/18: Swiss Navy:
Swiss Navy lubricants for sex

7/27/18: Are You My Bottom?:
bottom for bodypart and role in sex

8/3/18: The rainbow pillars of Montréal:
t-room graffiti

8/5/18: Toga, tgae, togae!:
the ejaculatory verb come

8/26/18: The penis art of Dave the Robot:
cock bros, dick buddies, etc.

9/2/18: Ruthie reanalyzes, and so do lots of others:
spitten image and ejacuation

9/2/18: Molesting and abusing ambiguously:
verbs molest, abuse

10/6/18: News for French penises:
dildo / vibrator in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, with punning name La Tour Est Folle

10/29/18: Revisiting 18: hypallage in the garden:
slang pro ‘prostitute’

11/4/18: Annals of word retrieval: in promiscuous positions
promiscuous, provocative

12/13/18: Give head for Christmas:
give head

2/10/19: The thinking condom’s typeface:

2/17/19: Eat it! The oral humiliation you deserve:
sexual eat, fecal eat; beat it ‘beat off, masturbate’

3/17/19: V me, I’m Irish:
Agent-Subject, Patient-Object and Patient-Subject, Agent-Object senses of fuck; boxboy and the like

3/30/19: News for carnivorous penises:

3/31/19: Moon shorts 1: the Moons:
bottom boy; Tijuana bibles

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:

4/28/19: All ˈlaundry ˈis a ˈblur of ˈstatic ˈcling:ˈlaundry-ˈis-a-ˈblur-of-ˈstatic-ˈcling/
frolic, cavort

5/1/19: Here we come a-frankerin’:
tosser, wanker

5/7/19: It’s come around again:
vocabulary of masturbation; coinage chirosexual ‘concerning manual sex, masturbation’

5/16/19: Pooh’s honey pot:
development of sexual senses of honeypot

5/25/19: High 5 from a bison:
gay sexual sense of number ‘trick’

6/6/19: What makes the world go ’round?:
enthusiastic cocksucking, enthusiastic bottoming, language of cruising

6/18/19: The clown facial:
cum facials

6/18/19: Portraits of Frank O’Hara:

6/19/19: The Magnificent WaterSports:
cream ‘semen’

6/21/19: Mickey gets stuffed for Pride:
get stuffed

6/24/19: On your knees for St. George Michael:
tearoom sex, vocabulary of cocksucking

6/25/19: Fashion notes for Pride 2019:
verbs of playful movement with sexual senses

7/17/19: I do like a bit of cowboy butter to my meat:
sexual senses of butter, cream, cheese, meat; sexual associations of cowboys

8/2/19: Never go out without a speech balloon:
rubbers for condoms in HIV/AIDS campaigns

8/13/19: Contamination by association:
touching or otherwise engaging with a penis

8/22/19: Annals of phallicity: symbol and simulacrum:

9/2/19: Lexical adventures: kinks:
kink, to spit-roast

9/7/19: Big sexy prime birthday gay ice cream:
to felch

10/3/19: Pat-SU fuck: new vistas:
uses of sexual verb fuck; insertive, receptive; penintercourse; dirty sex talk

10/29/19: Annals of burritio:
analogies between eating and fellatio; sexual eat, suck, etc.

11/23/19: NOOKY at Poundland:
NOOKY line of sex paraphernalia at the UK chain Poundland, in particular Viagroid capsules; the lexical item NOOKY / NOOKIE

12/24/19: Hung with care:
Vadim Temkin’s gay alphabet: plays on hung; other play on sexual vocabulary

2/5/20: haram / treyf:
on the dirty and the forbidden

2/17/20: Preference labels and little pockets:
slogan offers of oneself for fucking; and of one’s dick size

2/19/20: Trough Pride:
sex pig

2/25/20: Timothy and Agrimony:
gay types: twink, bitter old queen; 69 and positions for it

2/28/20: A clean t-room is a *happy* t-room:
language of t-room sex

3/7/20: Tragedies of the pandemic:
dick queen

3/18/20: Jazzing goes to college:
jazz ‘have sex’; line-ups, or side-by-sides

☛ 4/23/20: The wolves of Rome (and Venice):
syntax and semantics of suckle, suck, fuck

5/21/20: Bro Buddies:
bust a nut

6/7/20: Pride faces:
Reverse Cowboy fucking

6/29/20: Spilled his seed on the ground:
all about masturbation

7/7/20: Navy flamingos and roseate spoonbills:

7/9/20: Midnight Tropics:
anal intercourse

7/13/20: Turkish turquoise:
ass pirate / burglar

8/4/20: Surrogates:
sexual surrogates

8/4/20: Towards the high end of the hardness scale:
cumdump, breed

8/5/20: Caterpillars spinning platters:
ass/butt jockey

8/10/20: The pleasures of role reversal:
twink, daddy, bottom

8/11/20: Mansex positions: spitroasting:

8/29/20: Take me, please:
getting fucked

9/3/20: Take me, please (supine version):
getting fucked in more positions

9/20/20: Annals of remarkable commerce:

9/27/20: The No Tell Motel:
no-tell motel, no-name motel, love motel, fuck motel

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