Last courses at Stanford

The courses I taught in the final ten years of my teaching, 2004-2014.

In 2004-05, at Stanford, I taught: Syntactic Variation (125A/225A, graduate/undergraduate seminar, autumn quarter); Advanced Introduction to Linguistics (201, graduate course, winter quarter); Sophomore Research Seminar: Split Infinitives, Prepositions at End, and Other Horrors (30Q, on prescriptive grammar, spring quarter).

In 2005-06 I was a fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center, working on the “Adventures in the Advice Trade” project (see .pdf link above), and taught one course: Seminar in Morphosyntax: A Cabinet of Curiosities (218, graduate seminar, autumn quarter).

In 2006-07 I taught: Seminar in Syntax: Choosing a Variant (125/225, graduate/undergraduate seminar, autumn quarter); Innovations: Variation and Change (157, undergraduate seminar, winter quarter); Choosing a Variant: Unfree Variation (LSA 376, course at the Linguistic Institute, summer quarter).

In 2007-08 I taught: Seminar in Phonology: The Phonology of Syntax (112/212A, graduate/undergraduate seminar, autumn quarter); Morphology (116, undergraduate introductory course, winter quarter).

In 2009-10 I taught: Choosing a Variant (116/216, graduate/undergraduate seminar, winter quarter).

In 2013-14 I taught, with Elizabeth C. Traugott: The Language of Comics (63M, freshman seminar, winter quarter) — but Elizabeth did almost all the work.


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