PHD comics

(Piled High and Deeper) by Jorge Cham

ML, 5/19/09: The science news cycle:

ML, 5/22/10: The fire next time:

ML, 7/26/10: It’s scholarin’ time!:

9/26/12: Your future in academia:

Your future in academia

ML, 11/7/12: The new semiotics of punctuation:

3/19/13: More needing to talk:

More needing to talk

1/24/14: Research:

5/26/14: For Memorial Day:

ML, 10/31/14: Academic punctuation:

ML, 4/5/15: Old School:

ML, 10/28/15: Stuff:

12/9/15: On your day off:

ML, 10/3/16: ProfKémonGo:


ML, 6/27/17: Slinking:

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