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Postings about terminology I’ve innovated in my postings, on LLog or this blog.

There are separate Pages for some of these:

☛ (an)arthrous [not at all original with me, but much used by me]



☛ 2pbfv (two-part back-formed verb)


2pbfvs [with several subPages]


Dangler postings

Dangler postings

☛ Exceptional / Extraordinary Degree Marking in English:



☛ (Zwickyan) illusions:

Illusions postings

Illusions postings

☛ Isis:

Isis: is is, double is

Isis: is is, double is

☛ Libfix:

Libfix postings

Libfix postings

☛ POP (Phrasal Overlap Portmanteau):



☛ snowclonelet (composite)



☛ converse all-star (a lexical item used to convey the converse of its customary meaning)

Converse all-stars

Converse all-stars


postings on terminology:

11/17/10: Zeugmoids:


two structurally parallel occurrences of an expression, but in two different senses

9/16/15: Zombie X:

Zombie X

zombie rule

9/17/15: Briefly: Two borderline AZ attributions:

Briefly: two borderline AZ attributions

Zwicky’s Law, scanting out

10/24/15: Terminology: snowclonelet:

Terminology: snowclonelet

11/4/15: On the who/whom watch and AZ terminology:

On the who/whom front, and AZ terminology


7/15/16: A medal for pronoun case:

A medal for pronoun case

Zwicky’s Generalization

8/19/17: Magrittean disavowals:

Magrittean disavowals

8/19/17: lucanicophilia, peniphilia, and all that:

lucanicophilia, peniphilia, and all that

1/4/18: A zeugmoid in high office:

A zeugmoid in high office

5/10/18: What have you done with your life?:

What have you done with your life?

section with additions to this list: PPFS (Principle of Phonology-Free Syntax), PMFS (Principle of Morphology-Free Syntax); QSV (quasi-serial verb) in English (run come see Jerusalem); (in metholodoloy, argumentation, and evidence in generative grammar) taking a false step, naturalness arguments, the free-ride principle, homing in, the analytic leap, plain vanilla syntax – summary here; Patterns First, Exceptions Later (in poetry); beheading (in deriving lexical items from composites); Labels Are Not Definitions; It’s Just Stuff; narratophilia; phallicity; pitsntits (display of the body); morning name; To the Max (in pornography); the Hallean syllogism (in phonology); the Magrittean disavowal (in art); brocabulary; region-talk;  profane-domain linguistics, pornlinguistics –summary here

3/20/19: A small moment of lexicographic fame:

A small moment of lexicographic fame

frequency illusion

4/12/19: Page on Magrittean disavowals:

Magrittean disavowals

4/13/19: Easter egg quotations:

Easter egg quotations

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