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12/11/10: Today’s homoerotic pop art:
Isabel Samaras slash-style painting

ML, 7/12/11: Important editorial advice:
xkcd about Strunk/White and Strunk & White

7/21/13: Baseball days:
RPF (real person fiction) for Belt/Pence, Bumgarner/Posey and other baseball couples

8/20/13: Spike / Marsters:
Spangel, Spike/Angel slashfic and manips (from Buffy)

8/20/13: Five television hunks:
Wincest slashfic (Dean/Sam on Supernatural), Spangel, SpikeAngel manips (from Buffy)

AZBlogX, 8/22/13: Television notes:
Brian Krause (Charmed) naked; Leo/Cole X-rated manip (Charmed); X-rated Spangel manips (Buffy)

8/22/13: Television hunks, separately and together:
Leo/Cole manips (from Charmed)

8/23/13: slashclip:
clippings in manip, fanfic, slashfic

9/9/13: Riley/Xander:
manips of Riley/Xander (from Buffy)

10/11/14: Strunk & White and Strunk/White:
on the xkcd (see ML on LLog from 2011)

1/11/15: Annals of slash: dan mai:
Chinese slashfic

2/27/15: Shipping and the Johnlock files:
on the characters in the BBC tv show Sherlock and the actors who play them; on other Johnlocks; on shipping terms

4/25/15: Morning: Conrad Ecklie:
Nick/Greg (from CSI) slash fanfiction

10/13/15: Fan-guistics:
Gretchen McCulloch on portmanteau ship names, like JohnLock

1/7/16: Milestones in homoerotic fan fiction:
#bundyhomoericfanfic – featuring Ammon Bundy and his associates

1/16/16: Yaoi goes to high school:
Japanese gay manga

12/23/17: they kitchen-kissed again:
Destiel, Sterek (Stiles + Derek)

1/7/18: Epiphany morning with Joey Tribbiani:
#5 Joendler (Joey + Chandler)

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