Strunk & White and Strunk/White

Going the rounds on Facebook, this xkcd cartoon from 7/11/11:

Mouseover text:  The best thing about Strunk/White fanfiction is that it’s virtually guaranteed to be well written. (Geoff Pullum would take issue with that.)

When the cartoon first came out, it was immediately snapped up by Mark Liberman on Language Log, in the posting “Important editorial advice” — with discussion of fan fiction, including the classic slash fiction, like Kirk/Spock. Strunk/White would be an instance of what has come to be known as RPF (real person fiction), in which the erotic fiction involves real people, for instance baseball players.

Of course, once Randall Munroe posted this cartoon, people set themselves to the task of creating Strunk/White fan fiction.

On this blog: “Baseball days” of 7/21/13, on RPF and shirtless baseball players; and “slashclip” of 8/23/13 on, inter alia, the clipped term slashfic.

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