Up with the anus

From Gregory Ward, a link to a piece in the Guardian today: “Just how ‘gay’ is anal play, really?: The kind of sex that gay men are having isn’t exclusive to the LGBT community. It’s just that few straight people admit having it” by Zach Stafford.

Excerpts from the piece:

In 2012, … Esquire magazine asked 500 men [the] question: “During foreplay, what’s the one thing that you want more of from your current partner?” Blowjobs, apparently on the wane, were mentioned by 46% of the men surveyed; “a little rough play” sat at 6%. And rim jobs – or, to the unfamiliar, the act of having your anus stimulated orally – came in at 14%, which is quite surprising because straight men and their own behinds are rarely talked about in the same breath … unless they’re used in the same breath as a homophobic slur.

… From the data we know that men, straight and gay and everything in between, can derive pleasure from butts – their own and other people’s. We know that women can, too, with over 43% of women having participated in analingus according to [a] 2010 academic study. And according to the most recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, straight people don’t just like analingus – they like going all the way: 44% of men, and 36% of women, reported having had penetrative anal sex.

From this blog, a 9/28/13 posting “X job”, on anilingus / analingus, rim job, blow job, hand job, synonyms for these, and some other X job sexual terms. And a 3/26/13 posting “The masochism spectrum”, with sections on two anal practices: fisting, which is not particularly relevant here, and pegging, which is. From the latter, in a quote from Details magazine:

Anal-centric sex toys such as beads, butt plugs, and strap-ons are top sellers [at San Francisco’s Good Vibrations store] among straight couples. It helps that there are now porn and instructional videos featuring men on the receiving end, as in the cult-favorite movie Bend Over Boyfriend, and that sex columnist Dan Savage popularized the term “pegging” to desbcribe the practice.

That is, as I wrote:

pegging is specifically heterosexual: the woman gives, the man takes. A guy, straight or gay, getting fucked by another guy doesn’t count, Nor does a guy, straight or gay, wielding a dildo on himself. It takes a woman to peg.

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