Milestones in homoerotic fan fiction

Passed on to me by Nancy Friedman, who knows my interest in things homoerotic and things parodic, this piece from the site Joe. My. God. yesterday, “How About Some Oregon Militia Homoerotic Fan Fiction?”, reporting that

JMG reader Scott points us to the Twitter account of Colin Meloy, lead singer for The Decemberists, who has launched the hilarious hashtag #bundyeroticfanfic.

That’s Ammon Bundy in the photo. People tweet short passages with homoerotic episodes involving Bundy and his associates (and invented characters). My favorite so far:

Ammon!” cried Randy. “Take me! Take me like a rancher rightfully reclaiming a patch of public land!”

In case you missed it, the background story has to do with Ammon Bundy leading a group of armed ranchers (including his brother Ryan) who have taken over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. Ammon Bundy is the son of anti-government Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

As for fan fiction or fanfic, I’ve posted a number of times on this blog about this genre of amateur homoerotic fiction — and its subgenre slash fiction, about pairs of male lovers (taken from the real world or from books, television shows, or the movies).

Meanwhile, people have been posting about #bundyeroticfanfic on Facebook.

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