Bob Eckstein cartoons

5/30/15: Earworms, snowmen, and parodies:

6/22/16: Two tests in cartoon understanding:

6/24/16: Bob Eckstein:
3 cartoons

8/25/16: November 24th, 2014:

5/13/17: From the alien agriculture desk of the News for Penises:

6/18/17: Three days in one:

8/4/17: Cartoon comprehension on a hot August day:

12/25/17: Easter Island holiday:
Eckstein on the snowman

6/14/18: Drunk cartoons:
2 cartoons

6/20/18: Mascots united:
another Drunk Cartoon

6/27/18: Drunk Cartoon POP:
Drunk Cartoon

7/25/18: Death by staircase:
Drunk Cartoon

10/21/18: The Tritoons gather by the river:
at Milford literary festival; New Yorker cartoon

4/25/19: The self-published book:
Ultimate Book of Book Cartoons

5/31/19: Ultimate spelling bee:
spelling bee cartoon

6/2/19: Follow-up: BOOIESUZYKQHHHH:
more on the spelling bee cartoon

7/26/19: On the lawn:

4/13/20: The labors of Corónsyphùs:

4/18/20: Quick shot: no creme for Godzilla:

4/24/20: Two cartoons for late April:

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