Argument structures: reversals

postings on SUBSTITUTE and its relatives

David Denison, in his 2009 paper on the usage (“Argument Structure”, in Rohdenburg & Schlüter, One Language, Two Grammars? Differences Between British and American English, paper available on-line here), tracks its development in British English, where it originated in talk about sport(s), in particular football/soccer, but then spread much more widely in British usage. More recently, it’s been spreading, fast, in American English, in sports contexts and in food contexts.

AZ, 12/24/07: Another reversal:
with reference to David Denison paper
1. standard substitutesubstitute NEW for OLD
2. encroached substitutesubstitute OLD with/by NEW
3. reversed substitutesubstitute OLD for NEW

8/24/11: More egotism:
reversed SUBSTITUTE as speech error?

8/27/11: Reversed BLAME:

4/27/12: Reversed CLEAR verbs:

4/28/12: Two remarks on reversals:
on reversed CLEAR and SUBSTITUTE; contexts favoring the latter

10/4/13: Argument structure reversals:
reversals of REPLACE

12/2/17: Another ship reaches port:
development of reversed SUBSTITUTE complete for some speakers; link to Larry Horn paper on reversed SUBSTITUTE

1/29/18: Nominalized reversed substitute:

1/31/17: Another reversed Exchange verb:
on swap and related verbs

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