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☛ see also: a Page “clothed/unclothed” on postings about male photographers concealing or revealing the penis in their work

☛ a Page on postings about beautiful cocks — penises considered as aesthetic objects in themselves

☛ a Page on penis size — though without concern for aesthetics

☛ and a Page on angle and curvature of penises — characteristics that might be considered as significant in themselves

on 5/20/11: “Saint Sebastian:”: #3 Keith Haring work with penis

on 5/23/11: “Another Flandrin pose”, with a link to an AZBlogX posting on the pose

on 9/14/11: “The news for penises”, with its 5th section on phallic art, with a link to an AZBlogX posting on Jos Karis’s penis art, plus two Baroque penis compositions, my “Dick Bouquet” collage, and a Benetton montage of genitalia

on 1/20/13 on AZBlogX: “Dick aversion”, with 11 examples of art works displaying penises

on 1/21/13: “Horror of the penis”, following up on this AZBlogX posting:

Hard cocks are apparently by definition inflammatory and cannot be displayed with serious artistic intent. There’s a small list of exceptions to this generalization: in particular, folk art, comic and fantasy art, and (overlapping with these categories) art showing erect penises *detached* from a body (here we sing King Missile’s 1992 song “Detachable Penis”). The remaining examples seem subject to constant pressure to re-label them as pornography rather than serious art.

plus a bibliography of books on male art (art with some homoerotic content or tone) in my library

on 1/22/13: “Porn / art”: art or porn? in male photography

on 3/22/13: “Surrealists”: Paul Cadmus and his male nudes

on 5/23/13: “Annals of phallic animation”: a flying penis monster from the 14th century

on 10/2/13: “Male nudes”

on 11/24/14: “Phallic art”, linking to artwork on AZBlogX

on 12/27/14: “Set of three”: Orlan painting of a male nude, reproduced on AZBlogX

on 1/13/15: “Bernard Perlin”: an artist much given to drawing male nudes

on 7/11/15: “Outrageous art”: Frankenchrist image on AZBlogX

on 9/24/15: “Another medieval penis monster”

on 1/17/16: “A remarkable website”, on photographer Bob Mizer, with full-frontal nudity on AZBlogX

on 5/17/16: “Joe Dallesandro”: photos of JD, with explicit images on AZBlogX

on 7/25/16: “George Platt Lynes and Jared French”, with male nude photos by Lynes on AZBlogX

on 8/22/16: “The Fine Art Exemption”: Michelangelo’s David on the cover of the NYT Magazine

on 8/26/16: “Two impressively eccentric artsts”, section on Lynda Benglis and her bronze phallic smile

on 8/26/16: “Sylvia Sleigh’s male art”, with a link to genitally nude paintings on AZBlogX

on 9/23/16: “News for penises and their simulacrea”:

Two new annoyances with the Penis Ban on WordPress, Facebook, and Google+. In two recent postings on AZBlogX: “Bear poets in 1963” on the 20th, with a Richard Avedon photo of poets (and lovers) Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg, in which Orlovsky’s (flaccid) penis is not at all the focus of the piece, but is important to its interpretation; and “Voluntary cuckoldry” on the 21st, with a striking graphic illustrating the roles of the three characters in such a relationship, a graphic with two stylized penises in it, one flaccid and one erect…

In both cases, the penises are central to the composition, and not as objects of veneration or erotic triggers; my fondness for cocks in these functions is well-known, and though in principle I think that that more open carnal sexuality would be a good thing, I’m willing to keep such images in a protected place. But in these two cases, I bridle at the Penis Ban.

Nevertheless, this blog is extremely important to me, so I don’t want to do anything that would threaten it. But I can still complain.

In contrast to the two problematic images I just described, consider another image, from an article in Le Soir on the 20th, “D’immenses graffitis de sexe choquent à Bruxelles” [‘Huge sex graffiti shock in Brussels’], an image that was quickly posted on Facebook: [#1, a giant penis image]

on 10/24/16: “Naked boys playing at liberty” in photographs, with a link to genitally nude photos on AZBlogX

on 11/9/16: “Eliding the black penis”: balloon male genitalia

on 12/31/16: “Surrealists, but especially Jess”: #5 Narkissos by the artist Jess

on 2/17/17: “Felix d’Eon: on normalizing gay”: about the artist and his compositions, a great many featuring penises

on 2/19/17: “Art of the penis”, with an assortment of phallic artworks

on 2/23/17: “Beautiful immortal”, with a bronze phallus doorpull

on 4/10/17: “The news for penises: Wanksy”: British road graffiti artist

on 6/16/17: “News for penises: the Haring commemorative bathroom”: Keith Haring penis drawings

☛ on 6/26/17: “Put a sock on it in parade season”: on cock socks

on 11/5/17: “Alpine news for penises”: giant wooden penis on a mountaintop in the Austrian Alps

on 12/29/12: “News for penises: artwatch”:  #1 penis mural by Carolina Falkholt, on Broome St. in the Lower East Side of NYC

on 8/25/18: “Dave the Robot takes pen in hand”: penis art by David the Robot in Perth, Western Australia

on 8/26/18: “The penis art of Dave the Robot”

on 12/28/18: “News for penises: Bourdain’s Bhutan”: the penis in the folk art of Bhutan

on 3/10/19: “News for penises, French Riviera edition”: statuary in the Fontaine du Soleil in Nice

on 3/26/19: “Through a glass penis, darkly”: stained glass window; ceramic penis sculpture by Katia Fogliaro; glass penis sculpture by Dale Chihuly

on 5/15/19: “News for Fenis”: penis art as decorative design, on canvas tote bags and the like

on 6/6/19: “On the art patrol: Alice Neel, Larry Rivers”: Alice Neel penis-heavy painting of Joe Gould; Larry Rivers portrait of naked Frank O’Hara in boots

on 8/22/19: “Annals of phallicity: symbol and simulacrum”: pornstar dildos as penis art

on 3/7/20: “Tragedies of the pandemic”: giant penis graffito in Brussels

on 5/10/20: “VT’s Banksy’s Magritte”: two Vadim Temkin penis take-offs on a Banksy take-off on a Magritte

on 5/10/20: “Conceptually artistic dicks”: regular blog version of the preceding

on 1/27/21: “Fleurs des males”:
artworks in which penises are treated as flowers to be gathered into bouquets and other floral arrangements

☛ on 4/22/23: “The crocheted penis”: on Jack Davis’s fabric art

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